Discover Saidia


Discover Saidia: Morocco’s Upcoming Beach Resort Destination

Learn about Saidia and its new resort developments, pristine beaches, water sports, and proximity to attractions like the Rif Mountains that make it an ideal beach getaway in Morocco.


Along Morocco’s northern Mediterranean coastline sits Saidia, an up-and-coming beach resort town that is being transformed into a premier tourist destination. Designated as a special economic zone by the Moroccan government, the town is seeing massive development centered around creating an all-inclusive beach resort hub catering to foreign visitors. While still in the early phases of construction, it holds incredible potential with its miles of unspoiled golden sand beaches, proximity to the Rif Mountains, and vision to provide luxury accommodations and amenities galore.

Though not yet a household name like Agadir or Tangier, Saidia’s resorts, planned marina, championship golf courses, and laidback coastal vibe aim to establish this seaside stretch as a coveted spot for sun-seekers and beach lovers. For travelers seeking to uncover Morocco’s next big destination, Saidia is positioning itself to deliver an idyllic beachfront retreat.

About Saidia

  • Saidia is located in northeastern Morocco, south of the port city of Nador and near the provincial capital of Berkane.
  • The Moroccan government has made this city a special economic zone and tourist hub, with plans to develop resorts, hotels, beaches and infrastructure.
  • The Saidia Center complex is the main resort development, spanning over 6,500 acres with hotels, apartments, shops and amenities.
  • Saidia boasts nearly 15 miles of pristine golden sand beaches along the Mediterranean Sea.
  • Its proximity to the Rif Mountains, Berkane, Nador and other destinations provides easy side trip opportunities.
  • While still under construction, Saidia aims to be a premier beach destination in Morocco.

Resorts and Accommodations

  • Saidia Center will include over 8,500 hotel rooms ranging from luxury suites to budget options to appeal to all tourists.
  • Furnished apartments of various sizes will also be available for longer stays.
  • A new marina, port facilities, convention center, restaurants, shops, entertainment and other amenities are coming to town.
  • Several other hotels and apartment complexes are being built along Saidia’s coastline.
  • Located just outside Saidia Center is a world-class 18-hole golf course surrounded by luxury villas.
  • The goal is to have enough accommodation options for over 100,000 visitors.

Activities and Attractions

  • Saidia’s beaches are the main draw, with swimming, lounging, beach sports and watersports like jet skiing and surfing.
  • Hiking, rock climbing and breathtaking views in the nearby Rif Mountains.
  • Surfing is popular at Cap des Trois Fourches just south of Saidia.
  • Golfers will enjoy the new 18-hole course downtown designed by top golf architect Robert Trent Jones II.
  • Birdwatching opportunities abound in the Marchica Lagoon and surrounding wetlands.
  • Once fully built out, the town will offer even more activities like shopping, spas, waterparks and cultural attractions.

Practical Tips for Visiting

  • The nearest airport is Oujda, about 60km south of Saidia. But there are constructions to build a new airport at nearby Ras El Ma.
  • For now, visiting via an organized tour package is the easiest way to guarantee accommodation.
  • Independent travel to Saidia is possible but amenities are not yet fully buildout.
  • Taxis and rental cars are the main transportation options currently. Public transit will expand.
  • Food options consist of hotel restaurants though dining choices are growing as we speak.
  • Cash and credit cards are accepted but having dirham cash is recommended.


Though still in its early development stages, Saidia has the potential to emerge as a premier beach destination on Morocco’s Mediterranean coast. With its miles of pristine sandy beaches, ambitious plans for resorts and amenities, and proximity to attractions like the Rif Mountains, this small coastal town aims to draw sun seekers, water sports lovers, and vacationers looking for a luxurious and relaxing beach getaway.

While it may take some years for Saidia to fully establish itself, getting in early allows you to discover this coastal gem before the crowds arrive. For those willing to trade big-name destinations for untouched beaches and upcoming resort towns, the town beckons as an enticing spot to uncover Morocco’s next great destination.

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Where is Saidia located in Morocco?

Saidia is located along the Mediterranean coast in northeastern Morocco, south of the port city of Nador and near Berkane.

What is there to do in Saidia?

Main attractions are Saidia’s beaches for swimming, sunbathing and watersports. The nearby Rif Mountains offer hiking and nature activities.

What is Saidia famous for?

Saidia is famous for its miles of pristine beaches and major resort development plans aimed at making it a premier tourist destination.

What is the Saidia Center?

Saidia Center is the large hub resort complex currently under development that will include hotels, apartments, a marina, golf course, and other amenities.

How do you get to Saidia?

You can reach Saidia by flying into Oujda airport about 60km away. Other options are driving or taking a bus or train from major cities like Casablanca or Tangier.


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