Discover Oujda


Discover Oujda: Morocco’s Vibrant Eastern Gateway

Planning a trip to Oujda in northeast Morocco? This guide covers the top things to see and do, including historic sites, shopping, and day trips to nearby areas.


Situated in the far northeast corner of Morocco lies the lively border city of Oujda – a gateway between the Arab and Berber worlds. Just a few miles from Algeria, Oujda mingles Maghrebi and Amazigh influences into a cultural mosaic found nowhere else in the kingdom. Historic city walls and commanding minarets recall Oujda’s medieval power as a strategic post. Yet winding through the modern streets, the unfamiliar tones of local Berber dialects remind you this is the Land of Ait Ouaouzguite.

Beyond the surface, Oujda invites the discovery of layers revealing an entwined Algerian-Moroccan identity. Sip thick Algerian-style coffee on an outdoor terrace as the muezzin’s call to prayer echoes in the distance. Peer towards the mountains concealing ancient cave dwellings of the Bni Snassen people. As the sun sets over the desert, join the evening promenade and feel Oujda’s relaxed frontier spirit.

With its melting pot culture, rising food scene, and proximity to nature, Oujda warrants more than just a pit stop. This comprehensive guide will show you how to experience Morocco’s farthest corner, from must-see sights to day trips that reveal the region’s character. Let Oujda captivate you with an openness connecting North Africa’s shared past and future.

Getting There and Around

Oujda offers easy access by air, rail and road:

  • Oujda–Angad Airport has flights from Casablanca and European cities like Paris and Brussels.
  • Frequent trains connect to major Moroccan cities like Rabat, Fez, and Casablanca along the northern rail line.
  • Buses arrive from hubs like Fez and Nador. Grands taxis offer regional transit.
  • The laidback city center can be explored on foot. Petit taxis useful to reach farther neighborhoods.
  • Rental cars provide freedom for day trips to the desert, mountains and beyond.

Oujda’s transportation links make it the perfect launching point for eastern Morocco explorations.

Top Sights and Attractions

From ancient fortifications to modern art, Oujda rewards visitors with:

  • Historic city gates like the monumental Bab El Makina.
  • Oujda Museum of Moroccan Art exhibiting contemporary works.
  • Vibrant markets like Souk Joutia El Wosta brimming with fresh produce.
  • Mellah neighborhood’s synagogues and winding old lanes.
  • Café culture and street life centered around Place de 16 Aout.

Day Trips and Side Trips

Beyond the city, the Oujda region entices with fascinating day trips:

  • Beni Snassen Mountains and villages like picturesque Bni Tadjite.
  • Angad Oasis with sweeping Saharan sand dunes begging to be explored.
  • Border town of Berkane, known for its Sunday market and Amazigh heritage.
  • East through Bouarfa towards the Figuig palm oasis enclosing the Algerian frontier.
  • North to the Mediterranean towns of Saïdia and Cabo Negro for beach escapes.

Oujda is the perfect launch point for taking the road less traveled.

Local Culture and Cuisine

Oujda proudly preserves its unique cultural heritage:

  • Amazigh influences blend with Arab customs into a distinctive local culture.
  • Traditions like Isserban crafts and Gnaoua spiritual music thrive.
  • Locals switch fluidly between Algerian-accented Arabic and Riffian Berber dialects.
  • Specialties include sweet Msimena crepe pastries and Briouats savory filo triangles.
  • Outdoor Khaima tent eateries serve Mechoui barbecue lamb in a nomadic ambiance.

Where to Stay in Oujda

Find the right Oujda accommodations to match your style:

  • Mid-range hotels like IBIS Oujda City Center or Farah Al Janoub offer reliable comfort.
  • Intimate riad guesthouses within renovated traditional homes, like Lalla Fatima and Bab El Makina.
  • Beachside resorts like Sofitel Tamuda Bay for combining city visits with coastal relaxation.
  • Apartment and villa rentals give self-catering options for longer stays.

One Day Suggested Itinerary

With limited time, hit Oujda’s must-sees:

  • Wander the ancient ramparts along the city walls.
  • Explore the Mellah and medina lanes and shops.
  • Lunch at a local grill or Algerian-style cafe.
  • Check out modern and traditional art at museums.
  • Evening stroll through Place de 16 Aout and dinner.
  • Catch sunset views from the top of Angads Hill.


From its ancient fortified gates to inviting outdoor cafes, Oujda beckons visitors to uncover Morocco’s captivating eastern frontier. The echoes of Algeria in the street chatter, spiced tea perfuming the medinas, and nomad tents bordering the desert all reveal Oujda’s distinctive personality. Yet beyond the surface lies a dynamic modern city proud of its Amazigh roots and progressive outlook.

The welcoming spirit of Oujda inhabitants reflecting diverse origins reminds us of North Africa’s shared human threads that transcend borders imposed by history. As the call to prayer brings the bustling streets to a momentary calm each day, you sense Oujda’s identity rests in embracing all who come in openness and exchange. Let this borderland city expand your perceptions, connect you to new wellsprings of culture, and inspire your own boundaries to dissolve as you journey onward.

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Where is Oujda located in Morocco?

Oujda is located in far northeast Morocco right along the Algerian border, about 50 miles south of the Mediterranean coast.

How can I get from Fez to Oujda?

You can take a train, bus, grand taxi, or drive yourself between Fez and Oujda. It’s about a 5 hour journey by car.

Is Oujda worth visiting?

Yes, Oujda is an underrated gem offering a lively medina, historic sites, great day trips, and a unique blend of Algerian and Berber culture.

What is there to do in Oujda?

Top attractions include wandering the ancient city walls and lanes, people-watching at Place de 16 Aout, shopping at markets, and exploring Oujda’s museums.

Are there any day trips from Oujda?

Popular side trips include the Beni Snassen Mountains, Angad Oasis, Berkane Sunday Market, Mediterranean beach towns, and the Figuig palm oasis.


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