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El Oualidia Morocco: Explore The Coastal Charm and Serene Lagoon Vibes

Learn about the laidback seaside village of El Oualidia, known for its lagoon, oyster farming, serene beaches, seafood, and proximity to many major cities.


Nestled along Morocco’s Atlantic coastline north of Safi sits the tranquil seaside village of El Oualidia, a picturesque destination that epitomizes laidback coastal charm. The small cosy town is centered around its namesake lagoon, a large saltwater pool sheltered from the crashing ocean waves by a sandbar peninsula. Gentle breezes rustle through the marshy shores lined with birdlife, while wooden fishing boats float lazily across the calm turquoise waters.

Beyond the lagoon lies mile after mile of stunning sandy beaches interspersed with rocky cliffs and sheltered coves. This former fishing village has become a beloved weekend retreat from the bustling cities, where fresh oysters are shucked, surfers ride mellow breaks, and serenity rules supreme. With its quiet beauty, remarkable lagoon ecology, and renown as a seafood lovers’ paradise, this small coastal town beckons as an alluring coastal escape in Morocco away from the crowds.

About El Oualidia

  • El Oualidia is situated along Morocco’s Atlantic coastline, about 120 km north of Safi and 140 km south of Casablanca.
  • This laidback destination was once a modest fishing village and has retained its tranquil, coastal village charm.
  • The main attraction is El Oualidia’s large saltwater lagoon, separated from the ocean by a sandy peninsula.
  • Oyster farming has become a major industry, with oysters harvested from the lagoon.
  • In recent years it has grown into a popular weekend getaway for domestic and international visitors.
  • While busier in summer, El Oualidia maintains a relaxed vibe year-round.

Top Attractions

  • El Oualidia Lagoon is perfect for serene wildlife spotting, boating, paddle boarding and swimming in the calm waters.
  • Oyster tasting straight from the lagoon is a must, best enjoyed raw with a squeeze of lemon.
  • Surfers flock to the beaches south of town for the swell coming off the Atlantic.
  • Several excellent seafood restaurants line the shores, specializing in the seasonal catch.
  • Walking trails along the cliffs provide spectacular views and scenery above the lagoon.
  • The laidback beach scene is great for sunbathing, beachcombing and evening bonfires.

Activities and Things to Do

  • Boating, kayaking and stand up paddle boarding in the serene waters of the lagoon.
  • Birdwatching is popular with over 200 species of birds that frequent the lagoon and surrounding wetlands.
  • Several outfitters offer fishing trips in the lagoon as well as deep sea fishing off the coast.
  • Biking along the coastline and surrounding rural countryside, either by mountain or road bike.
  • Horseriding along the beaches and cliffside trails to experience the coastline.
  • Surfing at the beaches south of El Oualidia which get good Atlantic swells.
  • Hiking and nature walks along scenic cliffside trails and the lagoon.

Practical Information to Keep in Mind

  • El Oualidia is located about 120km north of Safi and 140km south of Casablanca.
  • Private car or grand taxi are the best ways to reach El Oualidia from major cities.
  • Accommodations range from guest houses to villas to hotels set along the lagoon.
  • Most restaurants are small spots specializing in fresh seafood along the lagoon.
  • Most businesses prefer cash, but ATMs are available.
  • Spring and autumn offer the mildest weather, summers are very busy.


With its tranquil lagoon setting, laidback fishing village vibe, and idyllic beaches, El Oualidia encapsulates the simple coastal charm of Morocco’s seashore towns. The picturesque waters of the lagoon invite boating, birdwatching, and long leisurely walks along the marshy edges. Kilometers of stunning Atlantic beaches complete the coastal experience. While the fresh oysters, seafood, and ocean activities beckon visitors, the real allure is in soaking up the relaxed pace of life in this former fishing village. For a serene getaway where the hours drift slowly by, the town promises a seaside retreat underscored by the gentle lapping of lagoon waves along Morocco’s Atlantic coast.

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Where is El Oualidia located in Morocco?

El Oualidia is located along Morocco’s Atlantic coastline, about 120 km north of Safi and 140 km south of Casablanca.

What is El Oualidia best known for?

El Oualidia is famous for its picturesque lagoon surrounded by beaches, as well as its oyster farming and extremely fresh seafood.

What is there to do in El Oualidia?

Top activities include boating or bird watching on the lagoon, lounging on the beaches, surfing, hiking coastal trails, and enjoying delicious locally sourced seafood.

How do you get to El Oualidia?

The best way to reach El Oualidia is by private car or hiring a grand taxi from major cities like Marrakesh, Casablanca, or Safi.

When is the best time to visit El Oualidia?

The best time to visit is in the shoulder seasons of spring (March to May) and autumn (September to November) when the weather is ideal and crowds are smaller.


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