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Your Guide to Erfoud: The Gateway to The Moroccan Sahara Desert

Discover highlights, attractions, and things to do in Erfoud, the desert outpost famous for fossil hunting, movie history, date farms, and Saharan camel treks.


Situated on the edge of the vast Sahara Desert, the town of Erfoud has lured travelers to Morocco’s deep south for decades in search of fossil treasures, classic cinema settings, and camel-led Saharan adventures. This dusty outpost may appear isolated, but serves as an essential launchpad into the surrounding landscapes.

As the Middle Atlas mountains cascade into the date palm oases of the Tafilalet, Erfoud has one foot rooted in the past and one stepping into the Sahara’s ocean of sand. Meander through fossil workshops, trek to ancient kasbahs, explore underground irrigation canals, and sweep over towering dunes on an expedition into this desert realm.

This guide shines a light on the top sites and experiences in and around Erfoud beyond the iconic Erg Chebbi sand dunes. From digging for prehistoric treasures and touring date farms to tracking cinema history, Erfoud provides a window into Morocco’s fossil-filled history and antagonistic yet beautiful desert environment. Let this Saharan frontier town guide you into the middle of nowhere.

Fossil Hunting and Dinosaur Displays

Erfoud sits atop prime fossil beds that enthusiasts can explore through:

  • Guided expeditions to dig at Erfoud and Rissani’s rich prehistoric sites, where amazing finds are still common.
  • Visiting the Musee de Géologie to view their collection of massive fossilized bones and dinosaur displays.
  • Shopping the local fossil markets and workshops around Erfoud’s main square to watch artisans polish petrified wood, ammonites, and marble.

Date Farms and Irrigation History

The lifeblood of Erfoud lies in its idyllic date palm oases made possible by ancient underground irrigation called khettara:

  • Take a guided tour through the extensive date palm groves, learning cultivation methods little changed over the centuries.
  • See how the local community still maintains the khettara system funneling water from the Ziz Valley river.
  • Shop the many date producers around Erfoud, sampling syrups, jams, and raw dates like the prized mejhoul.

Camel Treks and Desert Camps

Erfoud serves as the gateway to Erg Chebbi’s iconic Saharan dunes where you can:

  • Mount a camel for overnight treks deep into the rippling sands, sleeping under the stars.
  • Choose between basic nomad camps or ultra-luxe safari-style tent experiences.
  • Rise early to capture the unforgettable sunrise over the dunes and Hamada desert.

Local Berber Markets and Crafts

Mingle with Erfoud’s local Berber community at:

  • The bustling souks and markets overflowing with regional handicrafts and wares.
  • Family-run fossil workshops where you can see artisans polish everything from marble slabs to ancient wood.
  • Pottery and carpet cooperatives offering high-quality handmade goods straight from their source.


While known mainly as the gateway to the majestic Merzouga sand seas, Erfoud offers far more beneath its dusty facade. Through fossil hunting, tracking classic cinema settings, learning traditional oasis agriculture, and exploring Morocco’s Bedouin craft heritage, Erfoud provides a meaningful glimpse into this harsh yet beautiful desert frontier.

As you journey through date palms and tangerine dunes to kasbah ruins older than memory itself, Erfoud transforms from a mere tourist outpost into a time machine transporting you through the regions’ history and culture. Let this Saharan crossroads lead you not just into the shifting sands, but into understanding the generations who mastered surviving on the desert’s edge. Embrace getting lost in the middle of spectacular nowhere.

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Where is Erfoud located in Morocco?

Erfoud is located in eastern Morocco, south of the Middle Atlas Mountains and just north of the Sahara Desert near the Erg Chebbi dunes.

What is Erfoud most famous for?

Erfoud is best known as a base for camel treks into the nearby Merzouga sand dunes, as well as for fossil hunting and its date palm oases.

What is there to do in Erfoud?

Top attractions include fossil digs, desert camel trekking, studio film location tours, exploring kasbah ruins, visiting date farms, and shopping traditional markets.

How do you get to Erfoud?

Most visitors arrive by private transport or tour bus/van from major cities like Fez, Marrakech or Tangier which take around 7-9 hours driving.


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