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Discover Rissani: Morocco’s Ancient Saharan Trading Post

Discover the top sites, history, market shopping, and things to do in Rissani, an ancient desert town near the Merzouga dunes and filming location for The Mummy.


Nestled on the edge of Morocco’s vast Sahara Desert, the dusty town of Rissani has been a crucial Saharan trading post for centuries. Its strategic location made it a gateway for merchant caravans loaded with gold, spices, and salt traveling to and from sub-Saharan Africa. Today, crumbling kasbah ruins and lively markets overflowing with fossil treasures hint at Rissani’s prosperous past.

As the major market town and commercial center for the region, Rissani provides visitors a genuine glimpse into traditional life in the desert. Wander through its labyrinthine ksar, haggle at the bustling souk, observe centuries-old date cultivation, and marvel at the seas of sand nearby. From its ancient fortresses to more recent Hollywood fame, Rissani offers a meaningful immersion into Morocco’s Saharan culture and history.

This guide uncovers the top sites and activities that transport you back in time in Rissani and the surrounding oases. Come discover why legends persist of lost desert riches buried beneath the dunes. Rissani awaits as an open-air Saharan museum.

Ancient Kasbahs and Ksours

Rissani retains impressive ruins from its days as an affluent desert outpost:

  • Explore the sprawling mudbrick ruins of Sijilmassa, which prospered for centuries before being destroyed in the 1800s.
  • Visit the iconic 17th century Ksar Abbar, a partially restored kasbah fortress.
  • See the crumbling yet still inhabited earthen ksours dotting the palm oases surrounding Rissani.

These structures offer a glimpse into medieval Saharan life and trade activity.

Famous Markets and Souks

Rissani’s markets provide great shopping opportunities:

  • Haggle for traditional items like rugs, spices, and jewelry at the famous Saturday “mawazine” souk.
  • Browse fossil vendors near the souk entrance selling marble, stone, and mineral pieces.
  • Wander through the morning livestock souk as donkeys are traded and examine intricately decorated saddles.

The buzzing markets embody Rissani’s enduring commercial significance.

Camel Trekking in Nearby Merzouga

Popular excursions from Rissani include:

  • Day or overnight camel treks into the awe-inspiring Erg Chebbi sand dunes surrounding Merzouga.
  • Watching incredible desert sunrises and sunsets from atop towering Saharan sand peaks.
  • Sleeping under the stars in basic nomad camps or luxury tented berber camps.

Date Farms and Palmeraies

Rissani relies on its extensive date palm oases where you can:

  • Tour family estates to learn cultivation methods that enable agriculture in the harsh desert.
  • See treasured Mejhool dates growing before sampling specialty date products.
  • Appreciate how life flourishes around rare water sources in the oases.


With its history as a prosperous Saharan trade outpost, labyrinthine covered market, and fortified kasbahs rising from the sands, Rissani offers travelers a living museum showcasing Moroccan desert culture. As the gateway to the remote sand seas at Merzouga, Rissani provides important context and insights into how trade and agriculture sustained life for centuries along ancient caravan routes.

By exploring Rissani’s crumbling mudbrick ruins, haggling with locals in souks, and venturing into seas of dunes on camelback, visitors can vividly imagine life at the crossroads of important trans-Saharan trade. While the dunes beckon with adventure, Rissani itself rewards those who take time to get lost in its history before journeying onward. The secrets of the desert await.

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Where is Rissani located in Morocco?

Rissani is located in eastern Morocco, near the Algerian border, about 18km from the Saharan Erg Chebbi sand dunes.

What is Rissani known for?

Rissani is known for its history as a Saharan trade outpost, its fossil and livestock markets, The Mummy film sites, and camel treks to Merzouga dunes.

What is there to see and do in Rissani?

Top attractions include exploring ancient ruined kasbahs and ksours, shopping in the fossil and animal souks, visiting filming locations, and camel expeditions to the nearby sand dunes.

Is Rissani a good base to visit Merzouga?

Yes, Rissani makes an excellent and more affordable base for accessing Merzouga’s desert camps and camel treks just 18km away.

How do you get to Rissani?

Most visitors drive or hire private transport from major cities like Marrakech or Fes. Public transit is available but private Morocco tours or renting a car is best.


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