Where to Stay in Marrakech


Where to Stay in Marrakech: The Ultimate Accommodation Guide

Where to Stay in Marrakech: Your Accommodation Guide is your go-to resource for finding the best places to stay in this enchanting city. Explore a range of accommodation options and make informed decisions for a memorable and comfortable stay. Discover the ultimate Marrakech accommodation guide that ensures a delightful experience for every traveler.

1. Introduction

As Morocco’s most popular tourist destination, Marrakech offers countless accommodation options ranging from world-class hotels to intimate family-run riads tucked into ancient alleys. With so many choices, determining where to lay your head in the Red City can feel overwhelming.

This in-depth guide simplifies your decision by walking you through the top neighborhoods and areas to stay in Marrakech. We’ll highlight the vibe, attractions, and types of hotels and riads found in key districts like the Medina, Hivernage, and Palmeraie.

You’ll also find reviews of our recommended riads based on experience planning memorable stays for travelers. We know the intricacies of Marrakech’s accommodations and can match you with the perfect fit based on your needs – location, style, budget and more.

Use this local expertise to choose your ideal Marrakech neighborhood and book a hotel or riad you’ll love. Paired with a customized tour package, we’ll ensure an unforgettable trip from arrival to departure.

2. Popular Neighborhoods and Areas to Stay in Marrakech

Marrakech offers diverse accommodations and vibes in its central medina, modern districts, and tranquil outskirts. Here’s an overview:

Medina & Jemaa El Fna

This bustling historic area near the souks puts you steps from the action. Days are lively and noisy, with street performers and vendors at the main square. You’ll find small riads tucked along winding alleys.

Hivernage & Guéliz

For more Western-style hotels and upscale riads in a relaxed neighborhood, stay in Hivernage or Guéliz. You’re a bit removed from the medina but have nicer amenities.


The Palmeraie area offers a peaceful oasis feel outside the city center, with lavish resorts, riads, and rental villas. Expect to taxi to the medina.


Farther rural areas like Agdal and Amelkis provide a tranquil local experience but less convenience for exploring Marrakech thoroughly.

3. Key Factors to Consider When Choosing Where to Stay

As you decide on the ideal Marrakech neighborhood and accommodation for your trip, keep these key factors in mind:


Luxury hotels and riads in prime medina locations command higher prices. But good budget options exist farther from the city center. Know your total budget for lodging.

Type of Accommodation

Do you prefer a charming riad, modern hotel, resort with amenities, or short-term rental? This helps narrow the location.

Proximity to Attractions

If exploring the souks and medina is a priority, stay central. Those wanting a peaceful retreat should consider Palmeraie.

Privacy vs. Immersion

Medina riads offer lots of local interaction while rural villas provide total privacy. Decide your ideal mix.

Length of Stay

A short trip may call for staying central in the action, while longer stays can allow outlying areas.

Think about your ideal experience to determine if a convenient, lively central base or relaxed outskirts oasis fits you better.

4. Recommended Areas Based on Traveler Type

The best area to stay in Marrakech depends on your travel style and priorities:

Solo Travelers

For solo travelers, staying central in the lively Medina or Hivernage is recommended. You’ll meet fellow travelers more easily. Opt for riads with common areas versus isolated hotels.


Couples may enjoy a romantic riad in the Medina or a luxurious private villa in the Palmieraie. Consider privacy, amenities, and proximity to sights.

Families with Kids

Many families opt for family-friendly hotels in Guéliz for space and modern conveniences. Medina riads work too if not tucked deep in twisting alleys.

Groups of Friends

With a group, you can rent a large riad in the Medina for immersion and bonding. Or a villa in the Palmeraie allows you to relax together away from crowds.

Repeat Visitors

Those who have already seen the key sites can stay farther out in the Palmeraie or rural areas to experience something new.

5. Reviews of the Top Riads in Marrakech

Here are overviews of some of the most renowned riads in Marrakech to help select the perfect one for your stay:

1. Riad Kniza

  • 9 luxurious rooms and suites surrounding an ornate courtyard
  • Ideal central location in the heart of the Medina
  • Rooftop terrace with views, pool, and bar
  • Elegant Moroccan decor and top amenities
  • Higher end option starting around $200/night

2. Riad Dar One

    • Intimate riad with just 5 rooms and suites
    • Friendly owners provide exceptional service
    • Traditional Moroccan architecture and furnishings
    • Quiet side street location walkable to Jemaa El Fna
    • Mid-range pricing around $100-150/night

3. Riad Be Marrakech

    • Charming budget-friendly option with basic decor
    • Excellent reviews for friendly service and breakfast
    • Some rooms lack exterior windows, can be dark
    • Noisy side street, light sleepers may need earplugs
    • Great value under $70/night

3. Riad La Sultana

    • Stunning 5 star luxury riad hotel near the Royal Palace
    • Large rooms with lavish furnishings and amenities
    • Lovely outdoor pool, spa services and dining
    • Unparalleled service and attention to detail
    • High end with rates starting over $500 per night

4. Riad Le J

  • Ultra luxury riad with spa, pool, and fine dining on site
  • Lavish rooms with rainfall showers and courtyard views
  • Excellent service and amenities like free airport transfers
  • Tranquil despite the central Medina location
  • High end with rates starting around $250/night

6. Recommended Hotels in Top Marrakech Neighborhoods

In addition to riads, here are some of the top-rated hotels in prime Marrakech neighborhoods:

Medina & Jemaa El Fna Hotels

  • Hotel Riad Yasmine: affordable hotel near the square
  • Hotel Les Jardins de la Koutoubia: luxury option overlooking Koutoubia Mosque
  • Four Seasons Hotel: higher end with spa and amenities

Hivernage & Guéliz Hotels

  • Movenpick Hotel Mansour Eddahbi: popular global chain outlet
  • Atlas Asni Hotel: budget hotel with a pool
  • Es Saadi Hotel: lavish resort with gardens and dining

Palmeraie Hotels

  • Rio Tikida Palmeraie: new modern resort with golf, pool, and kid’s club
  • Barcelo Palmeraie: popular higher-end outlet of the Spanish brand
  • Iberostar Club Palmeraie Marrakech: all-inclusive resort amid the palms

Outskirts Hotels

  • Kech Boutique Hotel & Spa: secluded boutique hotel in the Agdal upscale neighborhood
  • Palm Plaza Hotel: family-friendly hotel with a large pool area
  • Jnane Tamsna: upscale boutique eco-lodge with organic garden

7. Tips for Booking the Perfect Marrakech Accommodation

Use these tips to ensure you book the ideal hotel or riad:

  • Book 4-6 months in advance for peak seasons like spring and fall.
  • Read reviews on booking sites carefully and look for red flags
  • Avoid paying full price; negotiate deals or look for promotions.
  • Ask about room types, layouts, noise levels, and any construction.
  • Confirm the exact location and proximity to key sights important to you.
  • Look for free cancellation in case plans change. But pre-paying can secure deals.
  • Consider using a travel advisor like us for expert booking assistance and advice.

With some research and forethought, you can find the perfect place to stay in Marrakech for your needs and budget. Let us know if you need any other accommodation planning tips!

8. Choose the Ideal Marrakech Neighborhood and Accommodation for You

Deciding where to stay in captivating Marrakech can be overwhelming given the options. By understanding the vibe, pros and cons of key areas and neighborhoods, you can narrow your search.

Combine this local insight with reviews of our recommended riads and hotels to select perfect accommodations aligned with your priorities, whether that’s budget, amenities, location, or style.

For assistance booking the ideal hotel, riad, or rental for your trip, our travel advisors can provide personalized recommendations based on your needs and then handle all arrangements. Paired with a customized tour package, we’ll ensure your time exploring Marrakech is truly unforgettable.

Reach out today to start planning your dream Marrakech getaway, from strolling the souks to relaxing poolside at a tranquil Palmeraie escape. Let us match you with the ideal place to stay.


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