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Discover Essaouira by Night: A Guide to the Mogador After Sun Down

Enjoy Essaouira by night, from lively bars and music venues to romantic sunset dinners on the beach in this Moroccan seaside city.


As the sun sinks into the Atlantic horizon, the coastal city of Essaouira, Morocco begins to come alive. Known for its laidback beach vibes and 18th century Portuguese fortified architecture during the day, Essaouira transforms into a vibrant scene of entertainment, culture, and romance after dusk.

Gone is the relaxed pace, replaced by the beat of drums and strum of ouds welcoming the night. The winding alleys of the medina reveal hidden bars where locals and travelers mingle over drinks. Buskers take their place along the giant stone ramparts, serenading people below as they stroll along the port. The smell of grilled fish and spice fills the air as outdoor markets begin serving up evening snacks to gathering crowds.

While Essaouira offers tranquil seaside charm during the daylight hours, it unveils an energetic and captivating atmosphere as soon as the stars emerge. Night is the perfect time to experience the magic of Essaouira. Whether you want to join in the lively nightlife, enjoy an intimate romantic evening, or discover local arts and culture, Essaouira transforms into a new city after dark just waiting to be explored.

This entertaining coastal locale has so much more to offer once the sun goes down. Let your senses be immersed in the excitement and allure that awakens in Essaouira at night.

Bars and Lounges

As soon as night falls, Essaouira’s bar and lounge scene comes to life. Sip a cocktail while watching the sun set over the sea from a chic beach lounge. Hip riad rooftop bars like The Sky Bar offer panoramic views of the city lights. Or grab a cold beer at one of the many laidback pubs tucked away in the medina, where locals unwind and travelers take in the social vibe.

Fusion Bar is a trendy spot along the ramparts mixing up creative cocktails and tapas. For a more rustic experience, pull up a stool at Caravane Cafe Pub to sample Moroccan and international beers. And for a truly unique bar, check out La Sultana’s Tree Bar – an open-air treehouse lounge surrounded by floating candles. Essaouira’s nightlife has bars and lounges to suit every taste once the sun goes down.

Live Music and Dancing

As soon as dusk settles in, Essaouira’s music and dance scene kicks off. An intimate jazz and Gnawa music venues create a sophisticated yet relaxed mood with dim lighting, incense, and softly played instruments. Or experience the upbeat rhythm of bongo drums and addictive dance beats blasting from beach bars and clubs.

Dar Loubane hosts local musicians and jam sessions in a laid-back setting. For authentic Gnawa music, check out venues like Le Port or Riad Al Madina during the June Gnaoua World Music Festival. And piano bars like Les Remparts mix lively piano melodies with singing and dancing for a high-energy night out. Essaouira comes alive through its live music and dancing when the stars come out.

Romantic Ideas

Beyond its lively nightlife, Essaouira reveals a romantic side after dark. Share an intimate candlelit dinner overlooking the port ramparts at Le Chalet de la Plage. Take a hand-in-hand sunset stroll along the deserted beach as the sky explodes in color. Or pamper yourselves with a couples hammam and massage at a luxury spa.

For ultimate romance, book a private terrace dinner on the rooftop of Villa Garin, complete with rose petals, candles, and views of Essaouira’s glittering minarets. Or cuddle close around a crackling bonfire on the beach under the stars. Essaouira sets the scene for romance with its peaceful seaside charm after hours.

Local Nightlife

For an authentic taste of Essaouira’s local nightlife, head to the energetic medina after dark. Street performers sing folk tunes and play instruments in Jemaa el-Fnaa square. The smell of grilled fish and meat draws you towards bustling outdoor market stalls serving up crispy seafood, merguez sausage, and spiced kebabs late into the night.

Browse the glowing jewelry stalls of Place Moulay Hassan as locals barter for last minute deals. Stop for a refreshing mint tea break while listening to animated conversations in Arabic, French, and Berber languages. Or simply pull up a chair at one of the many street cafes to watch the scene unfold under the moonlight. Essaouira’s medina provides a lively glimpse into local culture after hours.

Nighttime Activities

In addition to its hopping nightlife, Essaouira also offers one-of-a-kind activities once the sun goes down. Sign up for evening surf lessons to learn how to ride the waves at sunset. Go night fishing and cook your catch beneath the stars on a private beach. Or gaze at the Milky Way galaxy sparkling brightly in the night sky on an astronomy beach tour.

For amazing views over Essaouira, take a nighttime hot air balloon ride. Check out a candlelit tour of the ancient medina passing by historic architecture and merchants packing up their stands. Or grab your camera for a nighttime photo shoot session capturing Essaouira’s enchanting ambiance after dark. The options are endless for memorable nighttime adventures.

Safety Tips

While Essaouira’s nightlife offers excitement after hours, it’s wise to keep some basic safety tips in mind. When heading out at night, always call a registered taxi rather than hailing one on the street. Stick to well-lit streets and avoid poorly lit alleys, especially when alone. Keep cash and valuables secure in an anti-theft purse or hidden money belt.

Avoid carrying large amounts of money or wearing flashy jewelry that could attract unwanted attention. It’s best not to wander alone off the beaten path at night. For peace of mind, you can hire a professional guide to accompany your group on a night tour. With some common sense, Essaouira can be safely enjoyed once the lamps are lit.


As the purple hues of dusk sweep over the stone towers and ramparts of Essaouira, this seaside locale transforms into a lively stage. The curtain rises on a scene bursting with culture, entertainment, and energy as the city comes to life after dark.

Bars spill into the streets with the chatter of languages from all over the world. The soulful melodies of oud and drums float on the salty breeze. The aroma of sizzling kebabs beckons your appetite as locals and travelers feast together under the stars. And the powerful crashing of waves at night echoes the pulsing rhythm within Essaouira after sunset.

While the days offer laidback beachside relaxation, the nights reveal the true spirit of this Moroccan jewel. As an ancient trading port, Essaouira has always been a melting pot of culture and activity. That rich character fully reveals itself as day fades into night. From live music and dancing to mouthwatering street food, romantic seaside charm to historic medina tours, Essaouira offers endless options after the sun slips below the sea-kissed horizon.

So let your senses come alive with all that Essaouira has to offer after dark. Grab a glass of chilled white wine, take in the view of twinkling lights dancing on the water, and embrace the magic. The night awaits.

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What is there to do in Essaouira at night?

Essaouira has a lively nightlife scene with bars, lounges, live music venues, outdoor markets, street food stalls, cafes, cultural shows, night tours, and more after dark.

Is Essaouira safe at night?

Essaouira is generally safe at night if you take reasonable precautions like staying in well-lit public areas, using registered taxis, and avoiding deserted streets or alleys. Stick to the main streets and Medina.

What is the best area for nightlife in Essaouira?

The best areas for nightlife are around Place Moulay Hassan, the beach bars and clubs on Boulevard Mohammed V, and in the lively medina with its local bars, cafes, and street food stalls.

What is there to do in Essaouira for couples at night?

Romantic ideas in Essaouira at night include sunset drinks on a rooftop bar, candlelit dinners overlooking the ramparts, couples massages, beach bonfires, photography sessions, and strolling through the medina.

What time does the nightlife start in Essaouira?

The nightlife in Essaouira typically kicks off around 9-10 pm once locals have finished dinner. Bars start filling up around this time and live music begins. The medina remains lively until midnight or later.


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