Discover Casablanca by Night


Discover Casablanca by Night: A Guide to The Nightlife Thrills

Experience Casablanca by night and get to know its top nightlife districts, entertainment, romantic charm, and vibrant culture that comes alive in this bustling Moroccan city when the sun goes down.


As the sun sinks below the horizon, the streets of Casablanca begin to come to life. Known for its hustling port and imposing French colonial architecture during the day, Morocco’s largest city transforms into a vibrant playground of glamour, excess, and nonstop fun after dark.

Gone is the frenetic daytime pace, replaced by the pulsating beat of dance music spilling out of hip clubs. Spotlights flash around the curved facades of Art Deco buildings.Streams of petit taxis jostle through wide boulevards whisking revelers from one hotspot to the next. The aroma of spices and smoked meat rises from late night food stalls as party-goers refuel.

While Casablanca charms with its historic sites and seaside views during the day, the city reveals its lively spirit and colorful nighttime character when the stars emerge. From sophisticated lounge bars to all-night dance parties, there’s always somewhere to be seen. Romance and intrigue hide in every shadowy corner. This is Casablanca after hours.

With its glittering nightclubs, variety of entertainment, and indulgent delights, Casablanca knows how to have a good time once the working world clocks out. Experience the pleasures and mystique that only appear in this exotic port city after the sun dips below the horizon. The night awaits.

Top Nightlife Districts

When darkness falls, Casablanca’s best nightlife districts start heating up. For a trendy scene, head to Gauthier or Racine, where chic bars and glamorous clubs attract the city’s fashionable set. Sample delicious cocktails while dancing the night away at hotspots like B.O. Bar Lounge and Mixx Discotheque.

For a more vintage vibe, wander the atmospheric streets of the Old Medina, where tiny pubs and music halls hidden down alleyways feel straight out of Old World Morocco. Or explore the upscale bars and posh nightclubs of the modern Anfa quarter, such as the sophisticated SKY Bar’s deck overlooking the glowing Hassan II Mosque. With its diverse neighborhoods, Casablanca sets the stage for a nightlife adventure.

Cultural Entertainment

Beyond the bar scene, Casablanca offers an array of cultural entertainment after the sun goes down. Watch acrobats and musicians delight crowds in Mohamed V Square, the heart of the city. Attend an authentic belly dancing performance accompanied by Moroccan drums and stringed instruments. Or catch the latest Hollywood blockbusters at the new state-of-the-art movie theaters.

For a dose of the arts, check the schedules at venues like Anfiteatro or Institut Fran├žais for live music, theater shows, and film screenings. With its mixed Arab, Berber, French, and African influences, Casablanca culture shines brightly at night.

Nighttime Activities

In addition to its lively nightlife and entertainment, Casablanca also unveils special activities best enjoyed after dark. See the sprawling city from above during an evening hot air balloon ride. Pedal along palm-lined streets on a moonlit group bike tour. Or snuggle close in a horse drawn carriage ride under a canopy of stars.

For amazing coastal views, take to the sea on a sunset sailboat cruise with drinks and dinner. Experience the Hassan II Mosque and its towering minaret lit up against the night sky. With its unique options, Casablanca creates magical memories after the sun goes down.

Romantic Ideas

Casablanca reveals its romantic side once the last rays disappear over the horizon. Stroll hand-in-hand along the Ain Diab corniche under the moonlight, pausing to admire the twinkling reflection of the city in the ocean. Share an intimate seaside dinner on the terrace of a beachside restaurant, serenaded by the sound of waves.

Couples can indulge in ultimate relaxation with massages, facials, and rose petal baths at a luxury spa like The Retreat. Stop to make a wish at the magnificent Hassan II Mosque, its towering minaret standing guard over your love. Or sip cocktails on your private hotel balcony, soaking in panoramic city views. Casablanca sets the mood for romance after hours.

Where to Stay Up Late

Known for its late nights, Casablanca offers many options for night owls who want to stay out until dawn. Sip expertly mixed cocktails at swanky hotel bars atop the Hyatt Regency or Kenzi Tower with sweeping views of the sparkling skyline. Dance the night away at enormous clubs like Crystal Lounge and Black House that host world famous DJs and don’t close until 6am.

Reenergize at all-night restaurants like Cafe Maure or Brasserie La Bavaroise downtown before heading back out. With endless venues open late, Casablanca truly comes alive after midnight.

Safety Tips For a Casablanca Night Out

While Casablanca’s nightlife is thrilling, it’s smart to take some basic precautions after dark. Avoid poorly lit back alleys and side streets, sticking to well-traveled avenues and boulevards when exploring by foot. Only get into petit taxis that are clearly marked with licensing on the doors. Keep wallets secure in front pockets and don’t display expensive jewelry or electronics.

Travel in groups when possible and have the address of your accommodation handy to give taxi drivers for the trip home. With vigilance and common sense, you can safely experience Casablanca after the sun sets.


As the last fiery colors of sunset fade behind the art deco skyscrapers of Casablanca, the city begins to reveal its true charisma. The night ushers in a new realm of pleasure, excitement, and mystery as Casablanca comes to life after hours.

Electricity seems to pulse through the very streets, drawing people out in search of the next great adventure. The beat of dance music and clinking of cocktail glasses fills the air. Spicy aromas lure visitors into bustling late night markets. And the twinkling lights of the never sleeping city beckon your inner spirit of exploration.

While Casablanca impresses by day with its important history and architecture, it is the night when this exotic port city truly shines. When venues open their doors, fashionable crowds emerge in the latest trends ready to see and be seen. Anticipation builds for the pleasures that darkness will bring. As dusk settles in, Casablanca transforms into a vibrant metropolitan gem just waiting to be discovered after hours.

So whether you seek romance, culture, indulgence, or excitement, Casablanca guarantees an unforgettable experience once the sun slips below the horizon. Let the magic of the night awaken your senses.

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What is there to do in Casablanca at night?

Casablanca has a buzzing nightlife with trendy bars, clubs, lounges, restaurants, cultural shows, movie theaters, night tours, and romantic spots to experience after dark.

Where are the best areas for nightlife in Casablanca?

The top nightlife districts are Anfa, Gauthier, Racine, the Old Medina, and Ain Diab by the beach. Each area has its own vibe and nightlife scene.

Is Casablanca safe at night?

Casablanca is relatively safe if you stick to well-lit streets in busier neighborhoods, only take licensed taxis, and avoid isolated areas. Use common sense precautions.

What time do bars and clubs close in Casablanca?

Many bars close around 1-2 am on weekdays and 2-3 am on weekends. Big clubs stay open until around 4-6 am depending on the day.

What romantic things can couples do at night in Casablanca?

Romantic nighttime activities include walks along the beach, horse carriage rides, couples massages, fine dining, and cocktails at rooftop hotel bars overlooking the city.


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