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Visiting Morocco from Canada: The Ultimate Guide for Canadian Travelers

Visiting Morocco from Canada? This guide covers everything from finding cheap flights and budgets to safety, language, itineraries and more for Canadian travelers.


With its alluring mix of imperial cities, endless desert landscapes, and welcoming culture, Morocco has emerged as a top destination for Canadian globetrotters seeking that exotic yet accessible experience. Just a short 8-10 hour flight across the Atlantic, Morocco blends the comfort of a manageable time zone difference with a world-apart adventure. As a former French protectorate with strong European ties, Morocco offers a refreshing blend of familiar and foreign for Canadians.

Yet even seasoned Canadian travelers may desire guidance navigating this North African country as first-time visitors. From maximizing your budget and accurately gauging safety to efficiently exploring medinas and decoding transit options, having local insight helps ensure smooth travels. This comprehensive guide will provide Canadian jetsetters with everything needed to plan an incredible Morocco journey tailored to your passions.

With these tips, you can experience Morocco’s most captivating highlights – from the bustle of Marrakech to the stillness of the Sahara. Your pre-trip preparation will pay dividends during every magical moment – watching the sunrise over the desert or haggling for handmade wares in a souk. So get ready to immerse yourself in Morocco’s richness as you plan an adventure you’ll cherish for a lifetime.

Getting to Morocco From Canada

Several convenient options exist for Canadians to reach Morocco:

  • Air Canada and other major carriers offer direct flights from Montreal, Toronto and Casablanca.
  • Budget airlines like Air Transat provide affordable fares from major Canadian cities with a layover in Europe.
  • Flights from eastern Canada route through Paris, London or other European hubs before reaching Morocco.
  • Canadians can obtain a visa on arrival for stays up to 90 days for around $100 CAD. No advance visa required.
  • Valid Canadian passport must have at least 6 months validity remaining for entry.

Budget and Cost Considerations for Canadians

With planning, Morocco can be enjoyed on different budgets:

  • Daily costs for a mid-range trip average around $100 CAD per day excluding airfare.
  • Payment is accepted in Moroccan dirham, USD, or major cards. Get some dirham in advance.
  • Purchase a local Moroccan SIM card for affordable data access while traveling.
  • Look for lower cost accommodations like Airbnbs, homestays and budget riads.
  • Use second-class trains and buses between cities to save substantially over flights.
  • Eat street food snacks and preset menus for cheap, authentic dining.

Morocco Safety Tips for Canadian Travelers

Morocco is very safe, but Canadians should still be prudent:

  • Violent crime is extremely rare, especially against tourists. Petty theft does exist – watch valuables.
  • Women travelers should dress modestly and avoid going out alone late at night. Use caution bringing strangers to hotel rooms.
  • LGBTQ+ travelers should avoid public displays of affection for safety and out of cultural respect.
  • Only use registered taxis or rental cars. Don’t accept rides from unofficial guides or drivers.
  • Verify tour companies are licensed before booking any excursions, especially desert trips.
  • Only drink bottled water and ensure food is cooked fresh and served hot.

Getting Around Morocco as a Canadian Tourist

Transportation choices for Canadians include:

  • Between cities, budget airlines provide cheap flights while trains and buses take longer but cost less.
  • Within cities, petit and grand taxi are plentiful. Agree on metered rate before entering.
  • Rental cars provide flexibility for destinations outside big cities. International driving permit required.
  • Guided private tours offer insight from locals. Private drivers also an option for customized experiences.

Top Destinations and Itinerary Ideas

Popular places and route ideas for first-timers include:

  • Imperial cities – 2-3 days each in Fez, Marrakech, Rabat
  • Sahara Desert – 1-2 nights exploring Merzouga or Zagora dunes
  • Coastal – Time in laidback beach towns like Essaouira
  • Mountains – Day trip hiking and climbing around Marrakech
  • Culture – Fes Festival of World Sacred Music

8-16 days provides a solid introduction balancing cities, nature, and cultural immersion.


From the labyrinthine Fes medina to endless Saharan dunes, Morocco rewards Canadian travelers with an intoxicating blend of experiences. By optimizing your budget for flights and daily costs, staying vigilant about safety, and allocating your limited time wisely, you can craft an incredible Moroccan getaway. Focus on a region or two rather than racing across the country. Prioritize cultural connections over just ticking off sights.

Venture beyond the comforts of home, but know that Morocco’s renowned hospitality will warmly embrace you. Challenge yourself to try camel tagine or practice bargaining for handmade wares. The beauty of Morocco is found in fully immersing yourself and opening your spirit as much as your eyes. Stay flexible, embrace the unfamiliar, and let Morocco’s intricate magic reveal itself to you over time like the enchanting mosaics lining its grand riads. Your memories from medina strolls and desert star gazing will glisten for a lifetime.

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How long is the flight from Canada to Morocco?

Flights from major Canadian cities like Toronto and Montreal are about 8-10 hours depending on layovers, landing in Casablanca or Marrakech.

Do Canadians need a visa to visit Morocco?

No, Canadians can get a visa on arrival in Morocco that is valid for up to 90 days. No advance visa required.

What is the best way to get around Morocco?

For long distances, flying or taking the train or having a private driver is best. Within cities, petit and grand taxis are easy and affordable. Rental cars provide the most flexibility.

What is the ideal Morocco itinerary for first-time Canadian visitors?

8-16 days provides enough time to see imperial cities like Fez and Marrakech plus the Sahara Desert or coastal towns.

Is Morocco safe for Canadian tourists?

Yes, Morocco is very safe especially in tourist areas. Violent crime is rare but standard precautions against petty theft should be taken.


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