the Best Desert Camps in Morocco


Unveiling The Best Desert Camps in Morocco: Reviews & More

Embark on an extraordinary desert adventure with our comprehensive reviews of the Best Desert Camps in Morocco. Uncover the best desert retreats and experience the epitome of luxury amidst the stunning landscapes. Plan your unforgettable desert getaway today.


Imagine settling into a lavishly furnished private tent under a sweeping canopy of stars in the Sahara Desert. From this oasis of comfort amid Erg Chebbi’s imposing dunes, a breathtaking Moroccan escape awaits.

Luxury desert camps in Morocco create one-of-a-kind encounters with the desert’s raw beauty and immense serenity. These upscale oases blend silky sandscapes with plush beds, fine dining, and superb service.

This guide takes you inside Morocco’s top luxury tented camps and desert lodges. We’ll review the premier camps in Erg Chebbi near Merzouga along with those nestled within the equally stunning Erg Chigaga dunes near M’hamid.

From the lavish tents to delectable cuisine, poolside lounging, and fabulous views, we’ll detail what distinguishes the finest desert camps. You’ll see why these iconic retreats must be part of any spectacular Morocco itinerary.

Let us arrange every detail of your stay at one of Morocco’s preeminent desert hideaways. Treat yourself to a magical respite amid the sand that you’ll cherish forever.

Erg Chebbi Camp Options Near Merzouga

Erg Chebbi offers dozens of luxury desert camp in Morocco to choose from. Here are some of the best:

  • Sahara Sky Luxury Camp: Well-appointed en suite tents and delicious cuisine. Camel rides at sunrise/sunset.
  • Merzouga Desert Luxury Camp: 20 fully furnished tents with king-size beds and ornate furnishings. Enjoy evening entertainment.
  • Sahara Desert Luxur Camp: 15 elegant Berber-style tents offer views of the dunes. Stargaze from their rooftop.
  • Azawad Luxury Camp: Tents feature intricate location, air conditioning, and exquisite textiles for a serene stay.
  • Merzouga Desert Royal Camp: Overlooking Erg Chebbi, enjoy these spacious tents and top amenities like a pool and bar.

Erg Chigaga Desert Camps Near M’hamid

Further south near M’hamid, recommended luxury lodges include:

  • Aladdin Desert Camp: Peaceful spot surrounded by dunes with open kitchen and house tents.
  • Erg Chigaga Luxury Desert Camp: Well-situated tented camp with warm service and views of the Saharan expanse.
  • Desert Bivouac Chegaga: Solar-powered tents made of intricately embroidered goat hair for an authentic vibe.
  • Chez Naji Bivouac Chigaga: Experience oasis living in deluxe tents with en suite showers, electricity and exquisite furnishings.

What to Expect at Luxury Desert Camps in Morocco

These incredible desert lodges offer amazing amenities:


Spacious, fully furnished tents or stone bungalows with luxury bedding. Some have air conditioning and en suite bathrooms.


Private washrooms and showers. Common lounging areas like scenic terraces, dining spaces, and fire pit areas.


Provided meals range from regional Moroccan fare to international dishes like pasta. Expect tasty, filling meals.


Top camps have pools, wifi in common areas, electricity, and organized activities like quad biking, sandboarding, dromedary rides, and guided meditation.

Booking Your Desert Camp Stay

Follow these tips for an amazing stay:

  • Spend at least 1-3 nights. Choose camps within the dunes for the full experience.
  • All-inclusive packages cover meals, some beverages, and activities. Know what’s included.
  • Spring and fall have ideal weather. Summer sees intense midday heat.
  • Reserve 4-6 months ahead for peak seasons. Last-minute deals can be found off-season.
  • Let us handle booking based on your preferences – we know the camps and owners well!

Why Book Your Desert Camp Stay Through Us

Booking your luxury desert camp in Morocco through our travel company offers perks:

Local Expertise

We vet the desert camps extensively and visit them annually. Our first-hand experience means we can match you with the perfect fit based on your needs and preferences.

Insider Connections

Our strong relationships with the camps’ owners mean we can often secure prime tent bookings, upgrades, and special experiences other guests may miss out on.

Seamless Experience

We arrange every detail related to your desert camp stay – transfers, 4×4 excursions, dromedary rides, meals, and more. You just relax in the dunes!

Best Value

We leverage our partnerships with camps to secure competitive rates, perks, and packages – passing the savings directly on to you.

Treat yourself to an unforgettable desert camp experience in Morocco hassle-free by having our experts handle the details!

Experience Morocco’s Breathtaking Desert in Style

A night (or more) spent at a premier desert camp allows you to experience Morocco’s stunning erg dunes in unmatched style and comfort. Witnessing the Sahara’s immense scale, star-filled skies, and soothing silence from a lavish camp creates lifelong memories.

We hope this guide has outlined the myriad of amenities and special touches that set the finest camps like Azawad and Sahara Sky apart. Let us help select the perfect luxurious desert lodge for you and handle each detail seamlessly.

Ready to tick this incredible Morocco experience off your bucket list? Reach out today so we can start planning your customized tour including a stay at one of Morocco’s preeminent desert camps. An adventure unmatched in beauty under the desert stars awaits you.


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