Tips for Traveling to Morocco with Kids


Tips for Traveling to Morocco with Kids: What to Keep in Mind?

Tips for Traveling to Morocco with Kids. Discover what to keep in mind to ensure a stress-free vacation for the whole family. From must-pack items to family-friendly attractions, our Morocco family travel guide has you covered. Get ready for a memorable journey filled with joy and exploration!

Tips for Traveling to Morocco with Kids: How to Keep the Family Happy

Morocco promises endless magic and adventure for families with children of all ages. From bustling medieval medinas to sunset camel rides in the desert, kids find amazement around every corner. But family trips also require a bit more planning and preparation to keep everyone comfortable and happy.

As experienced Morocco family travel specialists, we’re sharing our insider tips to make your vacation with kids seamless and enjoyable. From choosing accommodations wisely to adjusting activities based on moods and energy levels, we’ll cover everything needed to balance exciting explorations with on-the-ground logistics.

Use this family travel guide to help decide when, where, and how to visit Morocco with children. Follow our advice on pacing activities, transportation, and more for memories to cherish forever. Let us help craft your family’s once-in-a-lifetime Morocco journey!

Picking Kid-Approved Morocco Destinations

With endless options, consider these family-friendly destinations:

  • Vibrant Cities like Marrakech, Fes, and Rabat brim with sightseeing, entertainment, and dining options to delight kids. Marrakech’s Jemaa El Fna square promises nonstop excitement.
  • Seaside Towns like Essaouira, El Jadida, and Asilah offer laidback coastal vibes. Kids enjoy beaches, ramparts, charming cafes, and riad pools.
  • Rural Areas like the Ait Bougomez Valley provide outdoor adventures like hiking through tiny villages. Immerse in nature and local culture.
  • Desert Experiences are perfect for kids. Ride camels among Sahara dunes and stay overnight in luxury tented camps under the stars.

Mix cities, nature, cultural experiences, and adventures to create a fun-filled family itinerary showcasing Morocco’s diversity!

Packing Tips for Keeping Kids Happy

Pack strategically to keep kids comfortable on your family trip:

  • Bring essential documents, health items, and medications for each child.
  • Pack snacks, games, toys, and tablets pre-loaded with movies to stay occupied.
  • Choose clothing that is lightweight, comfortable, protective against the sun, and dries quickly.
  • Consider bringing compact strollers for toddlers. Alternatively, baby carriers provide mobility.
  • Pack disposable diapers and wipes if traveling to more rural areas with limited supplies.
  • Add swim diapers and floatation devices for hotel and riad pool safety.
  • Keep kids hydrated with reusable water bottles, hydration packs, or fun suckable hydration products.

Planning Activities Appropriate for Each Age

Morocco offers adventures suited for children of all ages:

  • Teens love activities like surfing, hiking, cycling, pottery classes, and bartering in souks.
  • Toddlers and young children enjoy parks, amusement rides, interactive museums, zoos, boat rides, and hands-on cultural encounters.
  • Educational experiences like village visits, nature reserves, and archaeological sites make learning about Morocco fun.
  • Most cities have amusement parks and entertainment complexes perfect for burning off young kids’ energy.
  • Having guides arrange age-tailored activities like scavenger hunts through medinas keeps each child engaged.

Mix and match options at the right pace to delight kids throughout your family trip!

Transporting Kids Around Morocco

Morocco offers diverse transportation options for families:

  • When flying, reserve seats together and plan activities for layovers and delays. Aim for red-eye flights so kids sleep.
  • Private family-friendly transfers avoid public transportation hassles. Car seats can be arranged as needed.
  • If driving a rental car, request appropriate car seats and ensure your license covers the vehicle size. Print directions as navigating can be challenging.
  • On public transportation, choose first-class rail cabins for family privacy and comfort on longer journeys when possible.
  • When using petit taxis, request larger vehicles like station wagons if your family exceeds three.

Pick options that reduce transit stress and allow kids to sightsee comfortably. We’re happy to arrange all transportation for family convenience.

More Family Trip Planning Tips

Keep these additional tips in mind:

  • Choose accommodations with family-friendly amenities like pools, playgrounds, and babysitting.
  • When available, book multi-room suites so kids have their own space to unwind and sleep.
  • Let guides suggest kid-approved restaurants. Pick laidback spots where noise and antics are tolerated.
  • Build in ample free time for swimming, napping, and leisurely explorations based on family energy levels.
  • Travel off-season if possible to avoid crowds. Bring entertainment for long waits.
  • Have kids pack their own daypack with essentials like snacks, water, hand sanitizer, and wipes.
  • Purchase supplemental travel insurance covering family medical needs, trip interruptions, and lost baggage.

Start Planning Your Hassle-Free Morocco Family Adventure!

Preparing for a Morocco family trip may seem daunting but proper planning ensures an incredible hassle-free experience. Choose engaging destinations, pack wisely, arrange age-appropriate activities, and book family-sized accommodations.

Most of all, work with trusted local experts like us to handle logistics while you focus on quality time with your kids making priceless memories. We’ll collaborate to craft your family’s perfect itinerary full of fun, learning, culture, and adventure.

Want to turn your Morocco family vacation dreams into reality? Contact us today to start planning! Your family will treasure this extraordinary journey celebrating Morocco’s wonders for a lifetime.

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