Tinghir and Todra Canyon - 11 Days Morocco Vacation Package


Tinghir and Todra Canyon: Morocco’s Dramatic Oasis Paradise

Discover the top things to see and do in Tinghir and majestic Todra Canyon in Morocco. This oasis town is known for its palm groves, gorge, and tranquil Berber way of life.


Nestled against the towering High Atlas Mountains lies the oasis paradise of Tinghir, home to one of Morocco’s most dramatic natural wonders – Todra Canyon. In contrast to the bustling imperial cities like Marrakech, Tinghir moves to a slower beat. Meandering through lush palm groves and past mud brick houses, you’ll feel worlds away from the noise and crowds. The real star is the breathtaking Todra Canyon, where crimson limestone cliffs soar skyward framing the blue ribbon of water below.

For adventure seekers, Todra Canyon promises hiking and rock climbing challenges among sheer cliffs and narrow passageways. Yet you don’t have to be an athlete to appreciate the incredible natural beauty. The canyon changes hue throughout the day from red to gold to purple. Beyond the gorge itself, Tinghir provides a peaceful home base for exploring the diverse surrounds, from desert dunes to high peaks.

Take time to wander the local souks, gaining insight into Berber culture preserved in the small villages here. As the call to prayer echoes down the valley, realize you’ve discovered an oasis paradise that desert caravans relied upon for centuries. Let the tranquil pace, friendly locals, and stunning landscapes rejuvenate your spirit. This travel guide will cover everything you need to plan an unforgettable visit to Tinghir and Todra Canyon, one of Morocco’s most spectacular natural areas waiting to be uncovered.

Getting There and Around

Tinghir is located in central southern Morocco, about 6 hours from Marrakech. The closest major airport is Ouarzazate, about 2 hours west of Tinghir. Rental cars can drive directly or hire private transfers. You can also take public buses or grand taxis to Tinghir from larger cities.

Within Tinghir itself, the small town center can be explored on foot. Petit taxis and local buses provide simple transportation around the palmeraie and to Todra Canyon just 15 minutes away. Consider hiring a private driver for the flexibility to visit destinations further afield.

Top Sights and Activities in Tinghir

At the heart of Tinghir lies a lush palm grove, or palmeraie, with thousands of date palms flanking a river. Wandering the maze of paths is the perfect introduction to the oasis town. Don’t miss the traditional Souk Makhreb that takes place each evening among the palms.

The 19th century Muslim quarter has historic mosques and architecture. Spend time discovering local daily life by visiting pottery workshops or weaving collectives to watch traditional Berber crafts being made.

Day trips lead to destinations like Imilchil just over the Atlas Mountains, known for its three-day Marriage Festival each September. Or head south to the massive Erg Chebbi sand dunes.

Exploring Todra Canyon

The dramatic Todra Canyon runs for 10 miles culminating with 300 foot tall cliffs at the northern end. Hiking through the towering gorge feels humbling and mystical. Rock climbers flock here to scale the challenging limestone and granite cliffs marked with difficult routes.

At the canyon mouth, refreshing green waters create a swimming hole surrounded by small waterfalls to cool off from the Moroccan heat. Don’t miss sunrise or sunset when the cliffs glow fiery red and orange. Look for local Berbers leading tours on foot, bike, or donkey to navigate the gorge’s intense narrow passages.

Where to Stay

Tinghir offers these unique accommodation options:

  • Traditional riad guesthouses within the palmeraie, like hotel Tomboctou, offer a serene oasis stay.
  • Hotels with views overlooking the valley range from budget to luxury options. Les Jardins de Tinghir is a popular mid-range choice.
  • Converted ancient kasbahs like Kasbah Mimouna provide historic character and amazing views.
  • Homestays with local Berber families provide cultural immersion. Expect basic amenities but excellent hospitality.

When to Visit

Tinghir enjoys a hot, dry desert climate. The high season is April to May and September to November when temperatures are warm but comfortable for sightseeing. In the height of summer from June to August, temperatures exceed 100°F. Visiting in winter from December to February can be chilly at night.

During June, Tinghir hosts an annual Musique et Patrimoine festival celebrating local Berber music and culture. Accommodation prices are highest in peak season, so travel in shoulder months for deals.


With its picturesque palmeraie, towering Todra Canyon cliffs, and timeless Berber traditions, Tinghir is an oasis paradise that serves as the perfect Moroccan retreat. Far from the crowds yet close to incredible natural attractions, Tinghir has an abundance of activities for adventure lovers and culture seekers alike. Spend tranquil mornings wandering the shady palm groves before heading to hike the intense Todra Gorge and explore local villages. At day’s end, relax at a traditional riad as you listen to evening call to prayer echo across the valley.

Tinghir’s remote and rural setting provides access to a more authentic Morocco away from just the highlights. Take time to immerse yourself in Berber hospitality, cuisine, and crafts still thriving here. Let the surrounding landscapes astound you with beauty and ignite a sense of wonder within. For an unforgettable and rejuvenating visit, Tinghir and Todra Canyon belong on your Moroccan itinerary. Let this desert oasis awaken your spirit.

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Where is Tinghir and Todra Canyon located in Morocco?

Tinghir and Todra Canyon are located in central southern Morocco, about 6 hours from Marrakech. The closest major airport is Ouarzazate.

How do I get from Marrakech to Tinghir?

You can drive, take a public bus, or arrange a private transfer service. The drive takes around 6 hours from Marrakech to Tinghir by rental car or private taxi.

When is the best time to visit Tinghir and Todra Canyon?

The best times are spring (March-May) and fall (September-November) when the weather is warm and ideal for exploring the gorge. Summer can be extremely hot.

What is there to do in Tinghir?

Top attractions include hiking Todra Gorge, exploring the palm groves, and visiting local souks.

What kind of accommodation options are there in Tinghir?

Stay in a traditional riad guesthouse in the palmeraie, a hotel with views, or unique options like converted kasbahs.


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