3 Days Sahara Desert Tour From Marrakech - Private vs Group Desert Tours


Private vs Group Desert Tours in Morocco: How To Choose the Right Sahara Trip Option

Private vs Group Desert Tours in Morocco. Deciding between private or group Sahara Desert tours in Morocco? Compare the pros and cons of each to know which type of tour fits your travel style and preferences.


Journeying into Morocco’s vast Sahara Desert is an unforgettable experience for many travelers. While packaged group tours make visiting the dunes accessible, private and customized tours elevate the experience to new heights.

When choosing a Sahara Desert trip, key factors like your budget, preferences for planning, and desired connections with others will determine if a private or group tour is the best match. Comparing the unique pros and cons of each tour style helps set proper expectations.

As an experienced tour driver with many years in driving both kinds of these tours, I made this guide to examine the core differences between private and group excursions to Morocco’s sea of sand. As you evaluate priorities around flexibility, cost, activities, and comfort level with groups, you can determine which option best fits your Sahara dream adventure. Let us help you decide between the intimate excellence of a private tour or camaraderie and value of a group to find the perfect desert trip.

Private Sahara Desert Tours

Private Sahara Desert tours offer the highest degree of personalization:

  • Fully customizable itineraries, activities, pacing, and trip duration.
  • Ideally suited for solo travelers, couples, or families.
  • Undivided guide attention catering the experience to your personal travel style.
  • The flexibility to change plans based on how you feel.

Group Sahara Desert Tours

Well-organized shared group tours of 3 -days only, with 6-20 travelers per group offer:

  • More affordable pricing compared to private tours.
  • Opportunities to meet and bond with other travelers from around the world.
  • Expert local guides to accompany the entire group.
  • Daily departures from Marrakech.

Private Tour Pros and Cons

Key advantages and limitations of private Sahara desert tours include:


  • Total customization of trip details to your wishes
  • Ability to visit remote areas away from crowds
  • Intimate and exclusive experience


  • More expensive cost than group options
  • Advance planning for bookings required
  • Solo travelers may want some company

Group Tour Pros and Cons

Benefits and considerations for joining a group Sahara desert tour:


  • More affordable, lower cost than private
  • Meet and socialize with other travelers
  • Well-organized logistics and schedules by the operator


  • Less flexibility in the day’s schedule and activities
  • Less personalized attention from the guide
  • Potential to feel “too touristy”

Choosing the Right Tour Style

Deciding between private or group tours depends on:

  • If total control over activities and trip details is important, choose a private tour.
  • If your budget is tight and you enjoy group camaraderie, go with a group tour.
  • The maximum group size and guide-to-traveler ratio are offered.

Additional Comparison Factors

Also evaluate tours based on:

  • Destinations and sites visited. (Unlimited range of choice with private tours – Predetermined schedule for group tours)
  • Included tour activities like Quad biking, Sandboarding, and camel rides
  • Types and levels of accommodations offered

Align these with your personal trip preferences.

Book Your Sahara Desert Tour

Down below you can book your private fully customized Moroccan Sahara Desert adventure, or reserve a spot in one of the daily group tours departing from Marrakech:

Private Sahara Desert Tours

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Group Sahara Desert Tours

There are only two types of group desert tours available at the moment in Morocco and here they are:

These two tours are operated by our partner at Marrakech City Life – Use the Promo code ARHHAL-MCL for a discount.

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Private vs Group Desert Tours
Private vs Group Desert Tours


When choosing between private and group Sahara Desert tours, carefully consider priorities around interaction, flexibility, budget as well as personal interests. Private tours allow customizing your ideal itinerary at a higher cost, while group tours provide an affordable way to visit the dunes and socialize.

Evaluate each option against your needs and travel style. For an intimate Sahara adventure catered just for you, a private tour guarantees the experience of a lifetime. If seeking to connect with other travelers on a set itinerary at a lower price, join a trusted group operator. The beauty of Morocco’s sand seas awaits however you choose to venture across them.

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What are the main differences between private and group desert tours?

Private tours offer total customization and flexibility while group tours focus on camaraderie and affordability with set itineraries.

Are private tours more expensive?

Yes, private tours usually cost 50-100% more than joining a group option.

Which is better for solo travelers?

Private tours allow solo travelers to fully customize the itinerary around their wishes. Group tours offer them a social atmosphere.

How big are Sahara tour groups?

Groups range from 6 to 20 travelers typically. Check the maximum size and guide ratio when choosing.

How far in advance should I book?

Private tours require 1-3 months advance planning. Group tours can be booked 1 week out, but earlier ensures a spot.


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