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New Year’s Eve in Morocco: A Celebration Like No Other

New Year’s Eve in Morocco: A Celebration Like No Other. Discover the unique traditions, parties, fireworks, and more that make NYE in Morocco magical.


As the clock strikes midnight on New Year’s Eve, Morocco erupts into a giant street party unlike anywhere else in the world. From the electric energy of Marrakech to the seaside celebrations of Essaouira, Moroccans know how to ring in the new year with passion and joy. Forget standing in the cold for hours just to watch a ball drop. In Morocco, everyone pours into the streets, public squares, and clubs to dance, laugh, and sing until sunrise.

Full of unique traditions, delicious food, and infectious revelry, New Year’s Eve gives visitors a glimpse into Moroccan culture at its liveliest. This is not a place where parties stop at 2am – the festivities go all night long. Locals don their newest clothes, light firecrackers, and line streets along with tourists. With mouthwatering feasts and colorful customs, Moroccans embrace the changing years with hope and jubilation.

If your idea of a great New Year’s Eve is being immersed in a giant, vibrant block party, then put Morocco on your bucket list. Watching fireworks over ancient cities, counting down with thousands of new friends, and sharing in age-old traditions will create memories to last a lifetime. This guide will cover everything you need to plan an unforgettable New Year’s Eve celebration Morocco style. Let’s get ready to party Moroccan style!

New Year’s Eve Traditions

Moroccans have many special customs on New Year’s Eve steeped in bringing luck, prosperity and health in the new year:

  • Wearing New Clothes – Most Moroccans wear brand new clothes on NYE to symbolize starting fresh for the new year.
  • Traditional Foods – Dishes like couscous with 7 vegetables, lamb, and honey pastries are eaten for their symbolic lucky properties.
  • Opening Doors and Windows – At midnight, all doors and windows are opened to allow the old year to leave and the new year to enter.
  • Candles and Incense – Moroccan homes are filled with the scents of special NYE candles and incense.
  • Wishing Each Other – On New Year’s Day, Moroccans visit family and friends to wish them health and prosperity for the year.

New Year’s Eve Parties

The cities of Morocco are known for their legendary NYE parties:

  • In Marrakech, Jemaa el Fna square becomes ground zero for a giant costumed dance party with DJs and lights.
  • Essaouira hosts a bohemian NYE festival on the beaches with musicians, entertainment, and bonfires under the stars.
  • Nightclubs like Pacha and Diamond Club in Marrakech host huge NYE raves that go until 6 or 7am.
  • Local homes often host big house parties spilling into the streets with feasts and music.
  • Hotels like La Mamounia, Royal Mansour, and Sofitel host upscale black tie NYE galas.

Wherever you celebrate in Morocco, expect huge crowds, infectious energy, and celebrations in the streets until sunrise!

New Year’s Eve in Other Cities

While Marrakech is the most famous place to ring in the new year, Morocco offers festive celebrations across the country:

  • Marrakech: Huge crowds fill Jemaa el Fna square for live music, costumes, and fireworks over the medina at midnight.
  • Essaouira: This coastal town hosts a bohemian beach festival with bonfires, drums circles, and outdoor concerts under the stars.
  • The Sahara Desert: Spending NYE at a desert camp is an unforgettable experience with candlelit feasts, drumming, and camping under the Milky Way.
  • Casablanca: As Morocco’s economic capital, Casablanca parties in style with glamorous hotel galas, chic nightclubs, and a beautiful fireworks display over the Hassan II Mosque.

Wherever you celebrate – from the sands of the Sahara to the streets of Marrakech – get ready for a night you’ll never forget ringing in the new year with Moroccans who know how to party in style!

Hotels for New Year’s Eve

Morocco’s luxury hotels pull out all the stops for NYE with glamorous galas and over-the-top celebrations:

  • La Mamounia (Marrakech) – Black tie gala with live music, 5 course gourmet menu, champagne, and views of the fireworks over the city.
  • Royal Mansour (Marrakech) – Opulent NYE dinner and dance at their 3-Michelin star restaurant followed by private concerts and fireworks over the gardens.
  • Sofitel (Casablanca) – Elegant casino themed gala with live bands, casino gaming, and premium open bar all night.
  • Sahara Desert Camps – Luxury tented camps like Amanjena and Pause Desert have candlelit dinners under the stars and vibrant Berber drumming.
  • Riad Hotels – Intimate NYE feasts and parties around the courtyard at riad guesthouses like Riad Elixir in Marrakech.

Book well in advance to secure a spot at these high-demand NYE hotel celebrations!

Quick Tips for Visiting on NYE

Keep these tips in mind to make the most of your Moroccan NYE:

  • Book hotels, flights and tours months in advance as spots fill fast.
  • Bring warm layers, hats, and closed-toe shoes as nights get very cold.
  • Be prepared to stay out all night – the parties last until sunrise!
  • Learn key Arabic New Year’s greetings to wish locals well.
  • Head to Jemaa El Fna early to get a good spot before crowds amass.
  • Enjoy but avoid overindulging in the festive atmosphere.
  • Share in the traditions – wear new clothes, eat the NYE dishes, and open your home at midnight!


Forget freezing times square or lackluster parties – ring in the new year Morocco style for memories that will last a lifetime! Join in the ancient traditions, feast on lucky foods, dance to infectious music, and celebrate until sunrise surrounded by new friends from around the world. As fireworks light up the sky over exotic cities, cheer to a year full of new adventures.

Morocco offers New Year’s Eve celebrations as diverse as its landscapes – from beach bonfires in Essaouira to ultra-glam hotel galas in Casablanca. But wherever you celebrate, you’ll be swept up in the passion Moroccans have for welcoming another year with joy and optimism. As the clock strikes midnight, open your heart and home to new possibilities. Let Morocco’s festive NYE spirit inspire your own hopes and dreams for the year ahead.

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Where are the biggest New Year’s Eve celebrations in Morocco?

The cities of Marrakech, Essaouira, and Casablanca host the biggest public NYE celebrations with huge crowds, parties, and fireworks.

What traditional foods do Moroccans eat on NYE?

Popular New Year’s foods thought to bring luck include couscous with 7 vegetables, lamb tagine, honey pastries, oranges, dates, and milk.

What are some fun NYE traditions in Morocco?

Traditions include wearing new clothes, opening all doors and windows at midnight, setting off firecrackers, and singing door to door.

Are there any New Year’s Eve festivals in Morocco?

The coastal town of Essaouira hosts a huge beach music festival on NYE with concerts, bonfires, and drum circles.

How far in advance do I need to book NYE accommodation?

It’s best to book NYE hotels and riad rooms 6-12 months in advance as spots fill up quickly. Make reservations as early as possible.


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