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Morocco Travel Costs: Budget for Stays, Transportation & More

Planning a trip to Morocco and need help setting up your Morocco Travel Costs? Here are estimated prices for accommodations, transportation, food, sightseeing, and average daily costs to help plan your budget.


With its exotic allure, colorful markets, and ancient ruins, Morocco offers immense value and adventure for travelers. However, costs can quickly add up between transportation, lodging, food, activities and sightseeing. For budget-conscious travelers planning a trip to Morocco, having an idea of average daily expenses is key to creating a realistic budget.

While Morocco is more affordable than many European destinations, you’ll want to factor in everything from cheap dorm beds and street food to guided tours and shopping at the souks. Pricing also varies between big cities like Marrakech and smaller towns. Understanding expected costs will allow you to strategize and save money without sacrificing Morocco’s magic.

This Morocco travel budget guide will break down estimated prices for accommodations, transportation, food, sightseeing, and daily backpacker budgets. You’ll find average costs for everything from taxis and trains to hotels, tours, and dining out. With this information, you can plan daily expenditures and know how much you may need for the duration of your trip. Read on for money-saving tips that allow you to experience Morocco’s best on a budget you can afford.

Accommodation Costs

One of the main expenses in Morocco is lodging. Prices can range widely:

  • Private rooms in budget guesthouses or riads can be found for 500-900 MAD ($50-90 USD) per night.
  • Beds in shared hostel dormitories are very affordable at around 200-400 MAD ($20-40) per night.
  • Desert campsites or simple bivouacs while trekking may cost only 250-500 MAD ($25-50) to pitch your own tent.
  • Luxury hotels and high-end riad suites can exceed 4,000 MAD ($400+) nightly.

Choose more affordable lodging options to keep this main expense down.

Transportation Expenses

Navigating between Morocco’s cities and sights requires various transportation costs:

  • Petit taxis within cities run just 10-50 MAD ($1-5) for short trips.
  • Buses between cities are 200-400 MAD ($20-40) for popular routes like Marrakech to Essaouira.
  • Trains offer similar fares to buses for major destinations like Tangier to Marrakech.
  • Renting a car can be $50 USD or more daily plus gas and insurance.

Food and Drink Prices

Food costs are quite reasonable, especially eating local cuisine:

  • Restaurant meals like tagines average 50-150 MAD ($5-15).
  • Street food like kebabs and snacks are 20-50 MAD ($2-5).
  • Beverages including water, juice, coffee, and soft drinks are 10-30 MAD ($1-3).

Grocery shopping in markets to prep your own meals can further reduce costs.

Activities and Sightseeing

Morocco offers many budget-friendly sights and excursions:

  • Entry fees to attractions like museums and monuments are typically 20-400 MAD ($2-40).
  • Guided day tours range from 600-1500 MAD ($60-150) depending on group size, destination and duration.
  • Activities like camel rides, quad biking or cooking classes average 150-500 MAD ($15-50).
  • Skip pricey tourist trap attractions and experiences for more value.

Shopping and Entertainment

Shopping and nightlife have flexible price ranges:

  • Handicraft souvenirs like pottery, textiles, jewelry start around 50 MAD ($5) for small items to 1,000+ MAD ($100+) for rugs, art, antiques.
  • Local hammam visits cost around 200 MAD ($20). Massages and spa treatments run 200-500 MAD ($20-50).
  • Bars and nightclubs often have 50-3000 MAD ($5-300) entrance fees, sometimes with drinks included.

Average Daily Costs Per Traveler

  • Budget backpackers can travel on 600-1,000 MAD ($60-100) daily.
  • Mid-range travelers spend around 1000-2,500 MAD ($100-250) per day.
  • Luxury vacations average 4,000+ MAD ($400+) daily.
  • Reduce expenses by sightseeing over dining out or nightlife.

Ways to Save Money in Morocco

Some tips for saving on your trip:

  • Visit during shoulder or low season for lower prices.
  • Use affordable public transportation instead of taxis.
  • Eat cheap street food for most meals rather than restaurants.
  • Take overnight buses or trains where possible.
  • Stay in shared dorms or camp rather than hotels.
  • Travel with a partner or group to split costs.


Traveling in Morocco can be very affordable with proper budgeting. By staying in dorms, eating locally, using public transit, and choosing value sightseeing activities, backpackers can experience Morocco’s magic for as little as $30-50 per day. Mid-range travelers will spend around $60-100 per day for more comforts.

While costs add up with nicer hotels, fancy meals, and organized tours, budgeting ahead helps avoid shock. Determine your daily target by the trip style you seek, and research typical prices for accommodations, transportation, food, and entertainment in each area.

Morocco provides immense cultural value at prices lower than many other destinations. But costs can escalate if you don’t research and watch your spending. Follow these tips to control your budget without sacrificing an amazing Moroccan adventure. With some planning, you can enjoy even luxury experiences on a budget you can afford.

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How much does it cost to travel Morocco per day?

Average daily costs are about $50-90 per day for a budget trip, $100-200 for mid-range, and $300+ for luxury travel. Costs vary by travel style.

What is the cheapest way to travel around Morocco?

Using local public transit like buses or trains between cities is the most affordable option over taxis or renting a car.

How much are accommodations in Morocco?

Beds in dorm rooms at hostels average around $10-20 per night. Budget guesthouses and riads range from $30-60 per night for a private room.

Is food expensive in Morocco?

No, eating at local restaurants and street food stalls is very cheap, with typical meals costing just a few dollars. Groceries can also save money.

What are the best ways to save money in Morocco?

Travel off-peak, use public transit, stay in hostels, eat street food and bargain at markets to save substantially on your trip costs.


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