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Morocco For US Travelers: Growing Tourism Numbers Reaches New Heights

Morocco for US travelers: The country has seen enormous growth in tourism over the last 5 years, especially from American travelers. Discover what’s driving this surge of visitors from the US.


Bustling souks swirling with spice aromas. Sun-drenched coastlines flanked by sapphire waters. The vast and endless Sahara Desert. Morocco has captivated imaginations for centuries with its vibrant culture and landscapes. But until recently, it remained off the mainstream tourism radar for many Americans besides the most intrepid travelers. Now, this enchanting North African destination is experiencing a remarkable boom in popularity among US tourists. Over the past five years, visitor numbers have skyrocketed as more affordable flights, hotel expansion, and streamlined tour options make Morocco increasingly accessible.

Yet the question remains – what exactly is catalyzing this surge in American tourists beyond just convenience and expanding infrastructure? From mouthwatering food to well-preserved history, Morocco offers an intoxicating mix of experiences that cater to American traveler interests post-pandemic. Adventure, culture, outdoor beauty, and hospitality align with current travel passions. For those desiring an off-the-beaten-path destination outside Europe packing plenty of wow factor, Morocco ticks all the boxes. This guide will dive into the statistics and drivers behind Morocco’s blossoming tourism industry, and why more US travelers than ever are choosing to discover this diverse North African jewel for themselves.

Statistics on Morocco’s Rising Tourism Industry

Morocco has seen enormous tourism growth:

  • International arrivals increased from 10.3 million in 2014 to 13.7 million in 2019 – over 30% growth in 5 years.
  • Despite the pandemic, 2022 saw over 3.2 million arrivals in the first quarter – exceeding pre-Covid levels.
  • Goal is to reach 24 million arrivals by 2026 – almost double since 2014.
  • US visitors more than doubled from around 274,000 in 2014 to over 580,000 in 2019.
  • Hotel capacity expanding rapidly, especially in Marrakech and Casablanca.

As infrastructure scales up, Morocco is poised to welcome significantly more visitors.

Factors Attracting Growing American Visitors

More US travelers are prioritizing Morocco:

  • Increased air routes – Direct flights from NYC, Miami, and Atlanta make access easier.
  • Costs becoming more affordable relative to Europe – tours, hotels, transport.
  • Americans allured by culture/history distinct from Western Europe.
  • Adventure activities like surfing, hiking High Atlas Mountains draw active travelers.
  • Food scene earns raves for unique Moroccan specialties.
  • Hollywood movies spotlight dramatic Moroccan landscapes and aesthetics.

Morocco checks many boxes for what US travelers seek in a destination.

New Infrastructure Expanding Access

Morocco is rapidly expanding capacity to meet surging demand:

  • Major airlines like Royal Air Maroc adding more US routes, new Casablanca hub.
  • Budget European carriers provide cheap flights from continental hubs like Paris.
  • American chains like Hyatt and Marriott building high-end city hotels.
  • New convention centers and airport projects underway show long-term tourism commitment.

Investment in infrastructure will facilitate tourism growth in coming years.

Why Morocco Appeals to American Travelers

Morocco is alluring for:

  • Rich history and Islamic/Berber architecture not found elsewhere nearby.
  • Bustling markets, snake charmers, camel rides that seem exotic to most Americans.
  • Adventurous activities from skiing to surfing to trekking in diverse landscapes.
  • High quality and unique Moroccan food and wine Americans rave about.
  • Legendary hospitality and generally good English speakers at tourist sites.
  • Proximity to Europe makes it an easy add-on for those already traveling there.

Challenges Still Facing Morocco’s Tourism Sector

Rapid growth also brings challenges:

  • Misperceptions about safety, especially for women and LGBTQ+ travelers.
  • Need for sustainable practices as tourism expands into fragile areas.
  • Staff shortages and keeping up with infrastructure demands.
  • Reliance on European flights/visitors leaves volatility.

With planning, Morocco can steward its tourism boom responsibly.


Morocco’s mystique has entranced travelers for ages. But now, increasing numbers of American tourists are falling under its spell as expanding options make this North African jewel more accessible than ever. As the U.S. tourist presence grows exponentially year after year, Morocco has firmly seized its position as a rising star destination.

Yet tourism leaders cannot rest on their laurels. The nation must contend with tricky crosswinds, from economic reliance on foreign visitors to managing growth sustainably without eroding local culture. Still, for the intrepid American traveler seeking to immerse themselves in lively souks, grand mosques, and endless desert vistas, Morocco beckons like never before.

The dramatic landscapes and rich cultural tapestry woven over centuries will undoubtedly continue enticing new generations of American adventurers and wanderers. As you gaze over the undulating Saharan sands, spy a snow-capped mountain peak, or feel the ancient alleyways of an imperial city transport you through time, you’ll realize why more and more visitors are leaving Morocco with indelible memories. Keep this emerging destination high on your list – and get ready to be awed.

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Why are more Americans traveling to Morocco lately?

More affordable flights, expanding hotel options, adventure activities, interest in culture/history outside Europe are factors driving the growth in US tourists.

How much has US tourism increased in Morocco in recent years?

From 2014 to 2019, American visitor numbers to Morocco more than doubled from around 274,000 to over 580,000.

What cities are easiest for Americans to fly into directly?

Marrakech, Casablanca, Fez, and Tangier have direct flights from major US airports making access convenient.

Is Morocco safe for American tourists?

Yes, Morocco is very safe especially in tourist areas. Basic precautions that apply anywhere should be taken.

When is the best time of year for Americans to visit Morocco?

Spring and fall have ideal weather. Summer can be very hot while winter occasionally sees rain. Avoid major holidays if possible.


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