Guide to Power Adapters and Electrical Outlets in Morocco


Guide to Power Adapters and Electrical Outlets in Morocco

Traveling to Morocco and not sure what electrical adapters or voltage converters you need. This Guide to Power Adapters and Electrical Outlets in Morocco covers the outlets used, how to charge electronics, and recommendations for power adapters to pack.


Whether you’re road tripping through the Atlas Mountains or exploring the ancient cities, you’ll want to use and charge your electronics conveniently while visiting Morocco. However, Morocco uses different shaped outlets and a higher 220-240V voltage than many other countries.

Trying to plug in your devices without the right adapter can damage electronics or create a dangerous situation. Choosing the wrong voltage converter can also fry appliances not designed for the higher voltage.

With some preparation and packing the proper power adapters and converters suited for your devices, you can avoid issues and use your electronics smoothly throughout your travels. This guide will explain Morocco’s outlets, when you need an adapter vs a converter, and provide tips on the best adapters to pack for hassle-free charging.

Moroccan Electrical Outlet Type and Voltage

Morocco primarily uses Types C and E electrical outlets which have two round prongs. Type C has prongs aligned in a semicircle shape, while Type E has prongs offset side by side. Most outlets will be Type C.

The standard voltage in Morocco is 220-240V. This is much higher than the 100-120V used in North America and some other countries. Dual voltage electronics can handle both ranges, but many appliances need a converter to avoid damage on the higher Moroccan voltage.

Knowing the outlet shape and voltage will inform what adapters and converters you’ll need to bring. Certain electronics like phones may only require an adapter, while a hair dryer will need a voltage converter as well.

Do I Need an Adapter or Voltage Converter?

Travelers often confuse what type of device they need for Morocco:

  • Adapters allow your plugs to physically fit into Morocco’s Type C and E outlets, but don’t change voltage.
  • Converters convert 220-240V power to a lower voltage so certain electronics don’t fry. Some dual-voltage devices don’t need a converter.

Charging Essentials like Cell Phones and Laptops

The good news is you can charge many basic electronics like cell phones, tablets, and laptops without a voltage converter in Morocco.

Most chargers and built-in batteries today are dual voltage, meaning they can safely handle 100-240V. For these items, you just need a Type C or E adapter so the plugs fit the outlets. This makes charging devices like phones easy!

However, if you have an older device, check the voltage label to confirm it can handle 220-240V. And be sure to use the official charger that came with it, not generic or replacement chargers. Overall, adapters alone should suffice for basic charging needs.

Using Hair Styling Tools and Appliances

The situation gets more complex when using hair dryers, straightening irons, and other appliances that heat up. Some are dual voltage and only require an adapter, but many need a voltage converter too.

Dual voltage appliances are designed to draw the needed wattage at any voltage between 100-240V. These include some hair dryers, flat irons, and travel curling irons. Again, check the label to confirm the voltage range.

Appliances that don’t specify dual voltage will likely require both an adapter and a voltage converter. Without a converter, they may overheat or get damaged. So do your homework before plugging them in directly!

Recommended Power Adapters to Pack

To make things easier while packing, here are some recommended universal adapter options:

  • An all-in-one worldwide adapter kit that handles all outlet types and voltages
  • Individual Type C and Type E adapters for a simpler solution
  • Adapters with built-in surge protection to safeguard your devices

Having adapters that also work in other countries is an added bonus for frequent travelers. Just be sure your adapter fits snugly in Moroccan outlets. With the right adapter, you’ll stay powered up in Morocco!

Helpful Tips for Using Electronics in Morocco

To ensure you’re prepared to use all your electronics seamlessly, keep these tips in mind:

  • Check the voltage label on each device to see if it’s dual voltage and assess if you need an adapter, converter, or both.
  • Research the adapter required for your specific electronics models before your trip. Outlet types can vary.
  • Consider bringing a universal adapter to handle multiple outlet types, reducing the number of individual adapters needed.
  • Pack a voltage converter if you’ll be using non-dual voltage appliances like hair dryers or straighteners.
  • Carry spare adapters in case of any damage or loss, and they make great gifts for fellow travelers!


With Morocco using Type C and E outlets and operating on 220-240V, packing the proper electrical adapters and voltage converters ensures your important electronics can be charged and used smoothly. Dual voltage devices like cell phones may only require an outlet adapter, while many appliances need a converter too. Invest in quality adapters with surge protection and do your homework to determine your devices’ requirements before your trip. With the right power accessories packed, you’ll stay conveniently connected while exploring captivating Morocco!

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What type of electrical outlets are used in Morocco?

Morocco primarily uses Type C and Type E outlets which have two round prongs. Type C has prongs aligned in a semicircle shape.

Does Morocco have the same voltage as the US?

No, Morocco operates on 220-240 volts whereas the US uses 120 volts. Some electronics require a converter.

Do I need a power converter or just an adapter?

For dual voltage devices like phones, only an adapter is needed. For appliances like hair dryers, both an adapter and converter are required.

Can I use my electronics from the US in Morocco?

Yes, with the proper power adapter and voltage converter they can be used in Morocco. Always check your device’s voltage first.

What’s the best power adapter to pack for Morocco?

A universal power adapter kit that handles multiple outlet types and voltages is recommended for convenience.


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