Family Vacation Packages in Morocco


The Ultimate Guide to Planning Family Vacation Packages in Morocco

Welcome to our comprehensive guide to family vacation packages in Morocco, where adventure, culture, and breathtaking landscapes await your arrival. We, at ARHHAL, are thrilled to take you on a journey through the vibrant colors, rich history, and warm hospitality that this North African gem has to offer.

1. Introduction

Looking to plan an unforgettable family vacation? Morocco should be at the top of your list! Known for its imperial cities, endless desert landscapes, lively souks, and warm hospitality, Morocco is a magical destination for families to explore together.

From riding camels in the Sahara Desert to seeking out ancient medinas in Fes, Morocco offers incredible adventures the entire family will love. The flavors of Moroccan cuisine, like tangy tagines and sweet mint tea, will dazzle your kids’ tastebuds as well.

The good news is you don’t have to figure out how to plan the perfect Morocco family vacation on your own. The experienced travel experts at ARHHAL can craft a customized Morocco family vacation package designed specifically for your crew.

Whether you’re looking for a 6-night getaway or a 14-day journey across this incredible country, ARHHAL will handle every detail. We’ll build you a handcrafted itinerary hitting all the highlights in Marrakech, Rabat, Casablanca, and beyond. Our Morocco family vacation packages ensure your gang experiences this destination to the fullest.

2. When to Visit Morocco with Family

Deciding when to visit Morocco with kids requires some planning. The weather, crowds, and school holiday times need to be factored in. Here are some things to consider:

a. The Best Weather for Morocco Family Vacations

Morocco enjoys a warm Mediterranean climate with long, hot summers and mild winters. However, the weather can vary across different regions.

The most comfortable times to visit are during the shoulder seasons of spring (mid-March to May) and fall (late September to October). Temperatures hover in the 70s and 80s without the intense heat of summer.

Late fall and winter (November to February) bring cooler temps, more rain, and the possibility of snow in the mountains. The peak of summer (June to August) sizzles, especially in Marrakech and the interior regions.

b. Avoid the Crowds By Traveling Off-Season

Peak tourist season in Morocco aligns with summer and school holidays. For lighter crowds, target the shoulder and off-seasons.

Marrakech and the interior cities are most crowded from June through August. Coastal spots fill up in July and August. Early spring and late fall have fewer tourists overall.

c. Sync with School Holidays

The major school breaks to plan around are Christmas, Easter, and summer vacation. Moroccan schools follow a similar schedule to Europe.

Christmas and New Year’s weeks are both busy. European and North American families often visit Morocco in spring over Easter as well.

3. Getting Around Morocco

Morocco offers a few options for getting around between the major cities and sights. Here’s an overview to help you plan:

a. Flying Within Morocco

Morocco’s domestic airports provide quick connections between cities like Marrakech, Fes, Casablanca, and Tangier. Royal Air Maroc is the main carrier.

Flights are relatively short – about an hour or less. This can be easier for covering long distances with kids in tow.

Consider budget airlines like Air Arabia for cheaper domestic flight options within Morocco.

b. Hiring a Private Tour Driver

Many families opt to hire a private driver for their Morocco vacation. This provides flexibility for your customized itinerary.

Having your own driver allows you to set the pace and schedule each day without conforming to group tours. Your driver can suggest sights and stops based on your family’s interests.

The cost of a private driver is around $150-$200 USD per day depending on the vehicle size.

c. Using Trains Where Possible

Morocco’s rail network connects many of the major cities, primarily on routes from Tangier down to Marrakech.

The train may be a practical option for short journeys of 4 hours or less. Bring snacks and entertainment for the kids.

Trains generally provide more space to spread out than public buses for family travel. First-class tickets ensure more comfort.

4. Top Family-Friendly Accommodations

Finding the right place to stay is key for any family vacation. Here are some top accommodations options to consider in Morocco:

a. Family-Friendly Hotels in the Major Cities

In larger cities like Marrakech, Fes, Casablanca, and Rabat, there are many family-friendly hotels. Look for those with:

  • Adjoining rooms or family suites
  • Pool and outdoor areas
  • Kids club/activities
  • Babysitting services
  • Children’s menus in restaurants

Some recommended options are the Four Seasons, Sofitel, and Beldi Riads in Marrakech.

b. Charming Riads

For a more intimate stay, consider renting a family-friendly Riad (traditional Moroccan home). Opt for one with:

  • At least 3 bedrooms to spread out
  • Central courtyard with pool
  • Roof terrace access
  • Traditional Moroccan decor
  • In-house chef for meals

Riads are found throughout Morocco but commonly in Marrakech and Fes.

5. Kid-Approved Activities

Morocco offers endless adventures to delight kids of any age. Here are some top family-friendly activities to consider:

  • Camel rides in the desert: A quintessential Sahara experience!
  • Quad biking through the dunes: For adventurous older kids.
  • Food tours and cooking classes: Fun for foodie families.
  • Majorelle Gardens in Marrakech: Vibrant gardens and landscapes.
  • Ait Ben Haddou Kasbah: Explore ancient kasbahs (fortresses).
  • Surfing lessons in Essaouira: Ride the waves on Morocco’s coast.
  • Museums all over Morocco: Learn about Moroccan history and culture.
  • Hiking in the Atlas Mountains: Scale waterfalls and enjoy scenic vistas.
  • Souks and monuments: Wander the bustling bazaars and historic sites.
  • Berber villages: Glimpse rural life and mountain views.

With so many options, every family member will find activities they love during a Morocco vacation. Let us know your kids’ interests and we can suggest the perfect adventures!

6. Sample Morocco Family Vacation Itineraries

To help you plan the perfect trip length, here are sample itineraries for popular Morocco family vacation lengths:

16 Days Morocco Tour Package
15 Days Morocco Travel Itinerary
14 Days Morocco Itinerary
13 Days Morocco Holiday Package
12 Days Trip to Morocco
11 Days Morocco Vacation Package
10 Days Morocco Vacation
9 Days Morocco Highlights Tour

This provides a sample outline of hitting key destinations at a comfortable pace. We can modify or customize further based on your family’s needs. Let us know if you want to adjust the itinerary or if any part needs more detail!

7. Travel Tips for Families

Keeping some key tips in mind will ensure your family trip to Morocco goes smoothly:

a. Traveling with Teens vs Younger Kids

The needs of teens and younger children vary in Morocco:

  • Teens will love activities like quad biking, surfing lessons, and hiking. Include time exploring independently too.
  • For younger kids under 8, pace activities slowly, plan time to rest/nap, and return to hotels early afternoon.
  • Let teens dine or explore the souks later into the evening after younger kids are settled at the hotel.

b. What to Pack

Overpacking is common for family trips. To avoid heavy luggage:

  • Bring essentials only: limited toiletries and makeup, 2 pairs of shoes, and lightweight clothing in neutral colors.
  • Pack multifunctional items: swimsuit coverups that double as sundresses, and hiking sandals.
  • Share toiletries among the family: one large shampoo, toothpaste, etc.
  • Use laundry service at hotels: to re-wear outfits.

8. Start Planning Your Morocco Family Vacation!

We hope this guide has shown you why Morocco is such an incredible destination for families to explore together. From riding camels in the Sahara to bargaining in ancient souks, Morocco offers endless magic and adventure for all ages.

The best part is you don’t have to handle planning all the details yourself. The knowledgeable travel planners at ARHHAL can craft the perfect custom Morocco family vacation package based on your crew’s interests and needs.

We’ll help select the ideal destinations, accommodations, activities, and pacing to create an unforgettable trip your whole family will treasure.

Don’t wait – start planning your dream vacation in Morocco today! Click here to have ARHHAL build you a customized Morocco family tour or package that fits your dates, interests, and budget. Or reach out with any questions – we’re happy to help bring your Morocco family vacation to life!


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