Explore Zagora


Explore Zagora: The Southern Gateway of Morocco’s Draa Valley

Discover Zagora, a Moroccan town famous for its location as the gateway to the Draa Valley, the Sahara desert, and UNESCO World Heritage mudbrick villages.


Situated deep in southern Morocco’s Draa Valley, the town of Zagora has earned fame as the gateway to the Sahara desert and an immersive experience of Amazigh (Berber) culture. Once an important caravan stop for traders crossing the Sahara, the city retains its timeless desert town vibe. Surrounded by extensive palmeraies – lush oases of date plantations – the town serves as a launching point for visitors to explore the nearby dunes, epic Draa Valley, and millennium-old mudbrick villages.

From its iconic signpost pointing towards Timbuktu in Mali to its ancient souks selling handmade crafts, Zagora offers an authentic window into Morocco’s desert frontier. With its blend of Saharan adventure, Berber heritage, and tranquil desert landscapes, it makes the perfect base in Morocco’s Draa region.

About Zagora

  • Zagora is located in southern Morocco’s Draa Valley, surrounded by the Anti-Atlas Mountains.
  • It was an important stop for caravans crossing the Sahara along trade routes to West Africa.
  • It is noted for its extensive palmeraies – lush oases filled with date palms.
  • Amazigh (Berber) culture and heritage are prominent, with Amazigh language and traditions.
  • It serves as a launching point to visit the Draa Valley, dunes of the Sahara, and nearby villages.
  • Zagora has retained its small desert town charm despite growing popularity with tourists.

Top Sights

  • Visit Amazigh souks and markets to see local crafts and wares for sale.
  • The Zagora Museum provides exhibits and history about early Sahara exploration by the French.
  • Panoramic views over the Draa Valley palmeraies and surrounds from various lookout points.
  • Zagora’s iconic blue “Timbuktu 52 Days” sign is a must-see photo spot.
  • El Medersa is an ancient Islamic Koranic school worth seeing.
  • The Zagora Mosque features a distinctive minaret in a unique conical shape.

Excursions from Zagora

  • Camel trekking, camping and 4×4 tours through the Sahara desert dunes, especially Erg Chigaga.
  • Draa Valley visits to UNESCO World Heritage mudbrick villages, kasbahs, palmeraies, and geological sites.
  • Hiking Mount Boutmezguida – a 4,069 meter peak with superb panoramas.
  • Day trips to historic ksour villages like Agdz with fortified walls and towers.
  • Rock engravings and cave paintings offer glimpses of ancient rock art.
  • Enjoy the tranquility of hidden oases tucked into the rugged desert landscape.

Practical Information

  • Most visitors fly into Ouarzazate airport then drive or arrange transfer to Zagora.
  • Opt to stay in a traditional riad for full cultural experience and amenities.
  • Guided tours by 4×4 vehicle or camels can be arranged by most hotels or agencies.
  • Visit during March-May or late September-November for ideal comfortable weather.
  • Wear lightweight, breathable clothing that also provides sun protection.
  • Budget extra days after desert trekking to relax back in Zagora before departure.


With its deep Amazigh roots, timeless desert charm, and prime location as the gateway to the Draa Valley and Sahara, Zagora provides an authentic base to experience Morocco’s southern frontier region. Once a key stop for merchant caravans, today it launches modern explorers to the Erg Chigaga dunes, UNESCO villages, oases, and mountains.

Beyond the dunes and day trips lies Zagora itself, a peaceful desert town set amid lush palmeraies and filled with traditional souks and architecture. For an immersive taste of Saharan culture and vistas untouched by mass tourism, the town delivers a gateway to adventure where dunes, valleys, and Berber heritage intertwine.

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Where is Zagora located?

Zagora is located in southern Morocco, in the Draa Valley region near the edge of the Sahara desert. It is about 350 km southeast of Marrakesh.

What is there to do in Zagora?

Main attractions are camel trekking in the Sahara, visiting Draa Valley villages and palmeraies, hiking Mount Boutmezguida, exploring Amazigh culture.

How do you get to Zagora?

Most people fly into Ouarzazate then drive or arrange transport to Zagora. You can also hire a private transfer from Marrakesh.

What is the best time to visit Zagora?

The best time is during the cooler months of March-May and September-November. Summers are very hot.

Is Zagora safe for tourists?

Yes, Zagora is generally very safe, especially within town. Solo female travelers shouldn’t have problems. As always, exercise normal precautions.


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