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Discover Fez by Night: A Guide to Its Nightlife Thrills

Enjoy Fez by night and get to know its lively bars, cultural entertainment, night tours, food stalls, safety tips, and enchanting medieval city vibe after sunset.


As the last light of day fades behind the minarets, a hush settles over the ancient city of Fez, Morocco. Known for its sprawling medieval medina and lively markets under the hot sun, Fez transforms into a captivating world of shadowy lanes, cultural riches, and old-world allure after dusk.

Gone are the bustling crowds of shoppers and tourists, replaced by the faint echo of drums drifting through a dark alley. The scent of cinnamon and baked bread lingers as locals begin to gather for late-night meals. Strange symbols and Arabic script mark mysterious doorways, hinting at hidden treasures just waiting to be found after hours.

While Fez impresses visitors with its labyrinthine passages and exotic energy during the day, it is the night when this imperial city truly reveals its soul. As the stars emerge, Fez comes alive with intimate jazz cafes, rooftop terraces, belly dancing shows, and tantalizing late-night food – if you know where to look.

Let your senses be immersed in the glow of lanterns, centuries-old shadows, and welcoming residents eager to share their fascinating culture once the sun slips below the distant Middle Atlas peaks. The medina awaits under a blanket of darkness.

Sip and Mingle in Hip Bars Tucked Away in the Medina

Once night envelops Fez, hidden bar gems scattered through the ancient medina streets begin to awake. Seek out unmarked blue doors along the cobblestone alleys that reveal atmospheric lounge bars illuminated by flickering candlelight. Chat with locals and fellow travelers over glasses of smooth Moroccan red wine or cold Flag Speciale beers.

Climb up narrow staircases to rooftop terraces like Mezzanine offering stunning views over the glowing Fez medina under a ceiling of stars. Listen to the call to prayer echo across the city from high above as you mingle with newfound friends late into the night. Fez’s secret bars offer adventurous nightlife.

Discover Cultural Performances and Nighttime Activities

In addition to the bar scene, Fez has no shortage of cultural entertainment and activities after dark. Watch in awe as belly dancers move to the rhythmic beat of drums and cymbals on an intimate restaurant stage. See henna artists intricately paint visitors’ hands under lantern light in Jemaa el-Fna square.

Take a hands-on evening cooking class with a local chef, learning to make aromatic Moroccan tagines and pastries by moonlight. The medieval city’s captivating culture comes to life to be discovered after sunset.

Romantic Ideas Under the Moon and Stars

Beyond lively bars and shows, Fez also unveils its romantic side after hours. Share an intimate candlelit dinner on a secluded riad rooftop overlooking the glittering medina. Stroll hand-in-hand with your loved one through the gardens of Jnan Sbil under the stars.

Sip champagne together as you float peacefully over the city on a nighttime hot air balloon ride. Under a blanket of darkness, Fez cultivates romantic charm and unforgettable memories.

Experience Fez After Dark on Guided Medina Tours

In addition to independent exploration, joining a guided tour allows you to discover Fez’s highlights after dark. Take an evening culinary tour, stopping to sample mouthwatering street food like spicy kebabs, fried fish, and sweet pastries from moonlit market stalls.

Sign up for a photography tour to capture epic shots of the medieval city lit up against the night sky. Or take a historic tour by lantern light to see the ancient tanneries, mosques, madrasas and other landmarks under a new cloak of darkness. A local guide unlocks Fez’s secrets after sunset.

Dinner, Drinks and Dessert at Late-Night Spots

When late night hunger hits, Fez has many eateries open into the early morning hours. Gather around huge plates of meat, chicken, and seafood hot off open air grills. Savor sweet sticky Moroccan pastries still warm from the bakery ovens. And sip refreshing glasses of hot mint tea at packed cafes buzzing with animated conversations late into the night.

As an imperial city, Fez delivers delicious cuisine no matter the hour when cravings strike. You just have to find the right late night spots.

Staying Safe in the Mysterious Medina After Hours

While Fez is relatively safe, it’s wise to take some precautions after dark. Avoid poorly lit deserted alleys when exploring alone. Pre-arrange taxis through your riad or hotel. Keep valuables secure and avoid flashy jewelry or electronics that could attract thieves.

Stick to well-populated areas and travel in groups when possible. Trust your instincts if a situation feels unsafe. With vigilance and common sense, you can safely experience Fez’s old-world magic at night.


As the last fiery colors of sunset fade over the Middle Atlas Mountains, the imperial city of Fez begins to reveal its nocturnal soul. The night ushers in a new realm of adventure, charm, and mystery as Fez comes alive after hours.

Shadowy alleys now flicker with lantern light, beckoning your curiosity. The faint pulse of drums and scents of cardamom coffee drift through the medina’s maze-like lanes. Ancient Arab doorways creak open to welcome merryment and human connection under the stars. And the comforting laughter of newfound friends rings through the air as travelers share stories over mint tea late into the night.

While Fez impresses with its medieval history and lively streets during the day, it is the night when this cultural gem truly fascinates. As dusk turns to darkness, local nightlife hotspots and hidden hangouts open their doors to those seeking amusement and wonder after hours. Musicians and performers relight Fez’s soul.

So whether you are drawn to the energy of the markets or the romance of starry rooftops, Fez guarantees a bewitching experience after the sun dips below the horizon. Let the shadows reveal the city’s magic.

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Is Fez safe to visit at night?

Fez is generally quite safe at night, especially in the well-lit medina and main tourist areas. Use basic precautions like avoiding deserted alleys, arranging taxi pickups, and sticking to groups.

What is there to do in Fez at night?

Top activities include medina tours by lantern light, live music and cultural shows, tapas tours, romantic rooftop dinners, local bar hopping, and nighttime photography.

Where are the best areas for bars and nightlife?

The top nightlife areas are around Rcif, Batha, and the alleyways northeast of Place R’cif. The medina has many hidden bars and cafes that open after dark.

Do restaurants stay open late in Fez?

Do restaurants stay open late in Fez?

What time do most bars close in Fez?

Many hotel and medina bars close around midnight or 1am during the week. On weekends most bars stay open until 2-3am.


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