A Guide to Visiting a Moroccan Hammam


A Guide to Visiting a Moroccan Hammam: What to Expect, Etiquette Tips & More

Learn everything you need to know before visiting a Moroccan hammam, including proper etiquette, what to bring, the ritual process, and tips for enjoying the baths.


Stepping into a steaming traditional hammam or public bathhouse is a quintessential Moroccan experience. More than just a place to wash up, hammams have a rich social and cultural purpose dating back hundreds of years. They remain integral to everyday community life in Morocco today.

Visiting a hammam offers not only excellent skin cleansing and circulation benefits, but also a glimpse into an iconic local ritual. However, with customs that may seem unfamiliar, your first visit can provoke some questions and uncertainty.

Knowing what to expect in terms of process, etiquette, and norms can help you make the most of this iconic tradition. With the proper preparations and customs in mind, the hammam can be an immensely enjoyable and authentic experience as you cleanse both body and mind. This guide will walk you through everything you need to know before stepping into your first Moroccan public bath house.

Origin and History of Hammams in Morocco

Hammams in Morocco originated from ancient Roman and Turkish bathing practices, evolving over centuries into an integral part of daily life.

Public baths first emerged in the 11th century and flourished during Arab rule, with elaborate hammams built next to mosques. They served as both a space for ritual cleansing before prayer as well as important community connection.

For hundreds of years, hammams have been treasured as a social activity bringing all classes and backgrounds together in relaxed conversation. While some traditions have changed, Moroccan hammams maintain their significance.

Arriving at the Hammam

Most hammams are open from early morning to late evening, with set times for men and women. Ask your riad or hotel for a recommended neighborhood hammam.

Remove your shoes at the entrance and store any valuables or jewelry in provided lockers or baskets. If you want to rent towel, scrubbing glove or plastic slippers, ask the attendant.

Some hammams are gender segregated while others have specific hours for men and women. Same sex groups are common, with friends sharing the experience.

What to Bring to the Hammam

While soaps and amenities are provided, consider bringing a few personal items:

  • Soap, shampoo, razor – many prefer to use their own
  • Exfoliating scrub glove or loofah
  • Plastic sandals or slippers to wear between rooms
  • A towel, unless you want to rent one
  • Fresh change of clothes to wear afterward

Avoid bringing jewelry and electronics into the steamy hammam. Leave valuables secured in your locker.

The Ritual Process of Scrubbing and Bathing

A visit to the hammam follows a traditional ritual:

First, relax in the main steam room, letting the moisture soften your skin. Spend 10-15 minutes breathing deeply and sweating out impurities.

Next, lie on the heated central marble slab for a thorough scrubbing with kessa gloves to exfoliate skin. The attendant will then rinse you with ladles of hot water.

Finally, lather yourself head to toe with black Moroccan soap like savon noir to deeply cleanse. Rinse again before heading to finish in side rooms.

Hammam Etiquette and Tips

Follow these etiquette tips for a smooth hammam visit:

  • Ask the attendant upfront for any guidance to understand the process.
  • Bring plenty of small bills to tip the staff at the end per local custom.
  • Be mindful of others’ personal space and privacy during the communal experience.
  • Relax and let go of body image concerns – the hammam is a judgment free space.
  • Drink plenty of fluids after to replenish from sweating.

Benefits to Health, Wellness and Community

Beyond deep cleansing, hammams offer:

  • Improved circulation and skin tone from alternating hot and cold rooms
  • Toxin release through sweating, great for detoxification
  • A therapeutic social activity that brings people together
  • Overall relaxation, stress relief, and rejuvenation of body and mind

The hammam is an immersive part of Moroccan self-care, wellness and community maintenance.


Stepping into the steamy heat of a communal Moroccan hammam is about far more than just getting clean. It is a soothing ritual of self-care, social bonding, and cultural tradition passed down through generations.

As you relax into the calming routine of cleansing, scrubbing, and renewed purity, you’ll understand why hammams remain an integral part of everyday Moroccan life. More than a bath, it is an opportunity to purge impurities and refresh both body and spirit.

Although it may seem unfamiliar at first, going into the experience with an open mind will allow you to embrace the positive tradition. With a respect for local customs and etiquette, the hammam is sure to be a memorable cultural experience you’ll cherish. You may even return home feeling mentally clearer, socially connected, and ready to integrate a little Moroccan-inspired wellness into your own life.

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What is a Moroccan hammam?

A hammam is a traditional public bathhouse where Moroccans go for cleansing, exfoliating, and socializing. They involve moving between hot steam rooms and soaping/rinsing.

What do you wear to a hammam?

Most hammams require you to wear swimsuits or disposable underwear that you change into there. Some gender-segregated hammams allow women to go nude.

What do you do at a hammam?

The basic process includes relaxing in the steam room, full body exfoliation on a heated slab, and soaping/rinsing yourself or having an attendant wash you.

Is there etiquette I should follow?

Be respectful of other patrons, keep your voice low, ask attendants if you need guidance, and tip them afterward. Avoid criticizing.

Are there health benefits to a hammam?

Yes, hammams are great for improving circulation, releasing toxins through sweating, relaxing muscles, and getting clean through intense scrubbing.


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