A Guide to Visiting Kelaat M'Gouna: Morocco's Fragrant Valley of Roses


A Guide to Visiting Kelaat M’Gouna: Morocco’s Fragrant Valley of Roses

Discover highlights, attractions, and things to do in Kelaat M’Gouna, known as Morocco’s valley of roses. Learn about its rose festival, gardens, culture, andtips for visiting this off-the-beaten-path town.


Nestled deep in Morocco’s fertile Roses Valley, the town of Kelaat M’Gouna appears like a rose-tinted mirage. Every spring, its expansive roseraies burst into bloom, filling the valley with sweet, intoxicating perfume. Known as Morocco’s “City of Roses”, Kelaat M’Gouna produces some of the world’s finest rose essence and celebrates its pink flowered bounty with an annual festival.

Beyond the petal-strewn gardens, authentic Berber culture and hospitality infuse local life. Many travelers pass through the Dadès Valley enroute to desert adventures, unaware of this fragrant gem just begging to be explored. By wandering its old medina lanes, touring rose gardens, joining festivities, and hiking the stunning gorge backdrop, visitors can soak up Kelaat M’Gouna’s rosy charm.

This guide uncovers the top sites and experiences in Kelaat M’Gouna and its valley of roses. Learn about the rose harvest celebrations, tour lush gardens, discover Amazigh heritage, and bask in the refreshing mountain air like a sweet floral breeze. Let the heavenly perfume entice you into planning your own getaway to this off-the-beaten-path Moroccan town.

Annual Rose Festival

Each May, Kelaat M’Gouna hosts a weeklong Rose Festival celebrating the annual harvest. The entire town comes alive with:

  • Playful yet competitive rose pageants choosing the year’s rose queen.
  • Daily parades where women in colorful Amazigh dresses dance down the streets showering spectators with pink petals.
  • Concerts showcasing Amazigh folk musicians and dancers.
  • Opportunities for visitors join in rose-picking in the famed gardens.

The festivities capture the community spirit and importance of roses to Kelaat M’Gouna’s identity and economy.

Touring the Rose Gardens

The most fragrant activity is touring Kelaat M’Gouna’s rose gardens in bloom from April to June. Local cooperatives run tours including:

  • Walking the gorgeous rose gardens lining the M’goun and Dades River gorges.
  • Seeing traditional distillation processes where precious rose oil is extracted.
  • Buying just-picked roses, pure rose water, and skincare products from the gardens.

Visitors gain insight into the labor-intensive cultivation of the delicate pink blossoms that fuel the local perfume industry.

Local Culture and Berber Traditions

Beyond roses, Kelaat M’Gouna offers a window into authentic Berber, or Amazigh, traditions:

  • Listen to local musicians playing traditional instruments like drums, lutes, and pipes.
  • Admire handicrafts like carpets, pottery, silver, and metal goods handmade by local artisans.
  • Savor delicious tagines, couscous, and sweet mint tea at cozy cafes and markets.
  • Explore ancient kasbahs and the walled medina, immersing yourself in medieval Moroccan atmosphere.

Outdoor Activities in the Area

The town serves as a base for outdoor adventures including:

  • Hiking, camping, horseback riding, and climbing though the spectacular Dades Gorge.
  • Trekking to Berber villages nestled in the valley’s limestone cliffs.
  • Day trips to Ouarzazate to tour historic movie studios and kasbahs.
  • Biking through sprawling palm groves and discovering fossils in the valley.

Where to Stay and Travel Tips

To best experience Kelaat M’Gouna:

  • Stay in a traditional riad or kasbah hotel for authentic charm and friendly hospitality.
  • Rent a car for flexibility visiting sites like the Dades Gorges and Ouarzazate.
  • Visit during the rose harvest and festival period of April-June for full effect.
  • Try rose-scented treats like tea, honey, and cosmetics shipped worldwide.


With its bounty of pink-hued roses and vibrant Amazigh culture, Kelaat M’Gouna blooms as one of Morocco’s most aromatic and alluring off-the-beaten-path destinations. By timing a visit to the annual Rose Festival, touring lush gardens, discovering Berber traditions, and taking in the natural splendor of the Dades Valley, travelers can experience this floral town at its finest.

The refreshing mountain air carries the sweet perfume of thousands of delicate blossoms that underscore the ingenuity and hospitality of the people. While most tourists zip through the valley overlooking Kelaat M’Gouna’s charms, those who linger find a sensory paradise fulfilling every sense. Follow your nose and let your journey unfold in this intoxicating valley of roses.

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Where is Kelaat M’Gouna located in Morocco?

Kelaat M’Gouna is located in the Roses Valley of southern Morocco, about halfway between Ouarzazate and the town of Tinghir.

When is the best time to visit?

The ideal time is during the annual Rose Festival held in May during harvest season. April to June is peak blooming season.

What is there to do in Kelaat M’Gouna?

Top attractions include touring rose gardens, hiking Dades Gorge, exploring Amazigh culture, joining the Rose Festival, and shopping for rose products.

How do I get to Kelaat M’Gouna?

Many visitors rent a car and drive from major cities like Marrakech or Fes. You can also take local buses or hire a private driver for the 5-6 hour trip.

Where should I stay when visiting?

Stay in a traditional riad or kasbah right in town for convenience and atmosphere.


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